Trumping China

By S Suchindranath Aiyer

It was Nixon who went with the One China Policy (1972) and cut off Taiwan while it was Carter who kept the umbilical open with Taiwan (1979).

It was Pakistan that brokered the entente cordiale between China and the US and it was the US that facilitated Pakistan to become a Nuclear power through South Africa. Pakistan (A.Q.Khan) procured its enrichment centrifuges from the same Dutch Source as US Ally Apartheid South Africa did and helped fashion both it own and Israel’s clandestine bombs.The entire A. Q. Khan story has been conveniently obfuscated by Pakistan’s staunch and loyal ally, the United States and its NATO poodles. This has its roots in the US-NATO-Sunni Axis that was forged by Nixon, Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani. China subsequently assisted Pakistan, as it did North Korea in miniaturizing its US sponsored and Saudi funded Nukes into tactical (battle field) weapons and gave it its missile technology.

The US has been a consistent hired gun of Sunni Islam since the days when Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Saudi Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni Axis.

I remember some hands on intelligence that I gleaned when I was based in Nairobi some twenty years ago. China was active in Africa since the 1990s. They had an operative there in Nairobi who ran the best Chinese Restaurant in town, spoke English with his family and was point man for Chinese plans in Sub-Saharan Africa. He carried a PRC Passport and was close to the Pakistan High Commissioner. He travelled a lot and was quite open about China’s intentions. The plans were ready and waiting for the money to flow from the Chinese export boom to the US. I knew him well in 1995-1999 and was often invited for his soirees, with free food and drink to discuss matters related to the Internet and Information and Communication Technology. Pakistan is a more nuanced case. Pakistan is the sword arm of Saudi Arabia which is the long term ally and funder of US opinion and decision makers.

It is Pakistan that brokered the US-China entente cordiale. Nuclear weaponisation came to Pakistan from the US (not China) albeit through various routes, including Europe where Holland was an integral part of the CSIR (South Africa)-Israel Nuclear Weapons program and from where A.Q.Khan procured Pakistan’s centrifuges. The US has always played the “Either you are with us or you are against us” card to differentiate between “Good” (our) terrorists and “Bad” (their) terrorists. (I used to be a frequent visitor to the CSIR facility on Meiring Naude Road, Pretoria during the ’90s and was on a Nile cruise in December (Christmas) 1996 watching Egypt’s best belly dancers with Musharaf, Qaddafi and Mubarak on my way back from an Internet seminar at Oxford. I was, at that time, based in Nairobi working on bringing the Internet to Africa).

I had warned the Indian High Commission of an imminent terrorist threat, in writing, after seeing Mujahideen men in pyjama suits with skull caps and beards (Taliban uniform) receive smuggled parcels from Air Hostesses of Pakistan International Airlines at Jomo Kenyatta Airport while waiting for a flight to Johannesburg. I was surprised when the attacks materialized on the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania as the US and Saudi-Sunni Islam were allies then as now. When the crew of the Pakistan International Airlines came in, they approached the pretty Air Hostesses. (They looked like Punjabi Khatri Girls) who handed over parcels to them. This was strictly illegal and put me on alert. I wrote a detailed note to the Indian High Commission at Nairobi that I suspected terrorist activity was under preparation. In August the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were blown up. I had not anticipated this. Neither had the Americans. Because India was the obvious target at that time and the Taliban was a US ally in the global Jeehad. Russia was too weak at that time to defend Yugoslavia beyond a veto at the UN. Russia is a nation of chess players whereas the US is a nation of Poker Players. Russia did not have the wherewithal at that time. I was based at Nairobi when this rape of International law by the US under William Lewinsky Clinton took place and I was very much part of the cocktail circuit dominated by diplomats and had a ring side view.

I used to visit London frequently from the ‘80s onwards which supplied another side. I used to be mistaken for a Pakistani and with an assumed “Nom de Guerre” I cavorted with young Pakistanis. Much of what is happening around the World now was discussed in those circles then as the natural direction of Islam as laid out in the Quran and the Hadiths. I could scarcely believe any of it myself at that time until the pieces began to fall in place, here and there, in bits and pieces. The one thing that did not test my credulity at that time was their absolute ruthlessness with all things Non Moslem and the absolute amoral contempt and lust with which they treated English (white) women in Green Room discussions while being generous and polite to them when occasion demanded. They were absolute riff raf with no morals beyond an admiration for and a desire to do to Europe what Mahomet had visited upon the Benni Quraisa at Muqqa. This they recounted to each other with relish.