Book Review: Indian Culture and India’s Future- Michel Danino

Indian culture and India’s Future by Michel Danino

Rating 5/5

My interest in Indian history and ancient history of sub-continental (South Asia) Always drag me to the deep thoughts of our distortion level in this modern age. I really want to thankful for such writer who acknowledge truth and history without political will, religious hegemony and unbiased view. Michel Danino is one of the great writer and archeologist whom I found very near to truth more than cheap intellectuals in India. This book as said in Title deal with Indian culture and India’s future in Modern World. Moreover, its bluntly strike the political correctness, white skin colonisation and brain dead population of India which are so blind about their past that they have become zombies who just know how to eat colonial garbage as intellectual parasites.

This Book is divided into Three Parts

  1. Ancient Scientific and technological advancement of India,
  2. Indian colonisation and distortion of history  by British and European ruler and
  3. Identity crises amongst Indian intellectual arena due to colonized mind and borrowed knowledge.


This book purely ported the scientific advancement in ancient India. This book gone through every section of scientific area from metallurgy to astronomy, it is tried to excavate the very deep facts about Indian knowledge system and their technical advancement.

A purpose value of Pi equal to four decimal = 3.1416

An ingenious method for the extraction of square and cube 

A succinct and precise table of sines, in form of two lines of coded syllables giving sins value of angles up to 90 degree with all values correct to three or four significant number. 

A statement that the earth is sphere with diameter of 1050 Yojana …………Page 27

Its also describe the advancement of mathematics number system, which commonly consider as Arab numerical but in realities these numerical are founded in India. Still this numerical is known as “Rakam-al- Hind” means “Numerals of India”. Its also show that how a text of 1500 BCE has defined 100000 while another Vedic texts count up to Million of Million (10^12) known as Parardha. In Jain literature which is consider as 300 BCE, Anuyogadvara Sutra defined infinite as a number exceed than 10^250 while Buddhist text lalitavistra sutra reels off endless series of number of 10 (10^145 and 10^450).Similarly many Hindu and Buddhist text calculate the age of Universe which is almost 3.11 trillion human years and a single cycle of earth Mahayugas is considered as 8.64 Billion years.Hindu and Vedic unit of time calculation

Speed of Light is another interesting facts which very few knows. A Danish astronomer Ole Roemer in 1675 with an error of 25% measure the light first time. but the astonishing fact is that 14 CE Vedic commentator Sayana on a hymn of Rig Vedas address the Surya, the sun god.

O surya ! You who traverse 2,202 yojanas in half nimesha

1 Nimesha = 16/75 sec  and 2202 yojanas= 2202*13.6Km= 29947.2 Km and speed should be 280,755 Km/s compare to 299 792 Km / s actual value. Only 6% error

(Page 35)

From Microcosm to Macrocosm, India’s brilliant contribution vibrate the ancient times. Shulbha sutras and vastu sutra open the framework for macrocosms. Life science was another sector where Indian sages has taken great part into understand the life forms. 84 Millions species is indicated in many ancient Indian texts and considered that these life forms can be chosen as another life forms according to our karma. Ashtagahridaya samhita describe blood corpuscles structure while In Mahabharata, Born of Kouras is excat example of test tube babies.

The another gift which India has given to world is Vedanta spirituality. Let it be Adavita Vedanta and Davita Vedanta, this spirituality after churning of Vedic texts is great solution of human conquest of running this earth in name of monotheism and religious dogma to ruling the world. Early technological advancement of Harappa civilisation such as ships, sailing equipment, advanced homes and sewage system or double story homes in entire cities are example of their advance knowledge system in 2500 BCE. In 7CE Roman historian Pliny the Elder made the sarcastic comment on depletion of Roman treasury:

By the lowest reckoning India, China and Arab peninusula draw from our empire 100 Million sesterces every year, that is the sum which our luxuries and our women cost us. ….In no year doesn India absorb less than 50 Million sesterces of our empire’s wealth, sending back merchandise to be sold with us at a hundread times of prime cost. (Page 45)

This shows that the time of even 7CE when India was facing the Arab conquest and world is thrashed by Islamic conquer, India was holding the powerful grip in silk road of Europe along with china. Even many Arab philosopher and conquer is attached by India’s powerful empire and power in South Asia. In world of Arab philosopher Abu Umar Jahiz in 868 CE

I have found Indian people extremely advance in jyotisha and mathematics. They have got a particular type Hindi script. They occupy a very prominent position in field of medical science and posses secret knowledge of serious dieses. They are excellent in curving stones statues and coloring the paining in buildings. They have invented Shatrang (Chess) and their swards are extreme fine…. Page 47

India’s has powerful effect on spiritualistic of Egyptian, Cambodia, magnolia, Iraq, Persia, china, japan, Korea, Indonesia and far east. On question on Aryan Invasion, purposed by many indologist of early era, Rig-Ved and no ancient text describe about any kind of migration in India. Archaeological evidence clearly denied any changes in life style, war and migration of other race into India. But still this theory is part of Indian study circle for infusing the divide into on basis of languages and Skin color by Racial Social Scientist of West and India. Many Political Parties give this thought so much value because now its become the power equation of their political vote bank.


Colonisation of India was one of the most brutal part of India but biggest success to British and European. India was always a epicenter of business and wealth till 1750. India was famous for all silk road trade and their sculpturing power. Islamic invasion of India, was the dark part in context of wealth and knowledge system, but it was not effective in ground level. People were equally religious and never become victim of Islamic mentality. Most of the caliphate resistance was ended up by India but it was never controlled by any Islamic ruler. In time of Islamic rule over India, Many knowledge transferred to Arabs but latter religious hegemony of Islam started to brutally capture and killing of Indian people in name of religious supremacy.

British learn all this at very root level and their hatred towards infidel and heathen was not limited to only destroying the wealth of Hindus. Their motive was eradicated the Sanskrit based system by root. for this they started their game systematically, after 1857 war they become more conscious and started to learn Sanskrit more passionately to create a divide.

Short Story of Indian Fall from 1400 AD to till Now

Plantation of  Racism in India

Lord Risley (the Governor of Bengal), in his work tried to disintegrate the whole Bengal population by measuring the unscientific method of measuring nose size, wealth and occupation. he gather the data for 40 years and release a cast system based on his unscientific experiment. he tried to impose the same system in all over Bengal. he forced people to mentioned their Jati (cast) and started to given preference to Brahmins in Jobs.

Max Mullar and other Indologist also played a vital role in expansion of cast based system. They throwe poor people into the lower class jobs, specially who were depended on metallurgy and cloth business because they were direct threat to their industrialization in Europe. Even today, also you can see only these people are poor.

Introducing the fake Ayran Invasion theory based on skin colour

Few scholar who were aware of Sanskrit try to manipulate the world “Arya” which simple means “Nobel”, but British and European Indologist tried to create the theory that “Arya” is a race which comes from central Asia (which can satisfying their white supremacy that, no other civilisation is greater then them). They created a theory that, Aryan comes though a silk road along with Sanskrit and cast system. But till now all archeological prove shown that, There was no invasion and no migration. there were only migration was which is from Indus valley to River Ganga due to route change of River Saraswati.

Story of River Sarasvati and early Indian Civilization

Introduction of Dravidian and Moolniwasi concept.

With lying of Aryan invasion theory, Indologist tried to divide india into others way, on name of language and skin colour. they invented that, Dravidian was ruler of (archeologically denied land named Kadam Kumari). They said, before ayaran there were local tribe and Dravidian civilisation which was so wealthy and powerful. but Aryans were looted them (similarly, they said, native Americans were also migrated in America 12000 yrs ago, and killed native tribes hence if white European killed native American it can diluted the morality). They claimed all Brahmans and upper cast is belongs to Aryan.

But after having millions logical flaw this theory is famous for political and US regional power and evangelist game. I would like to describe the few flaws:

1. In Shiva Sidhanata, Shiva home is mentioned in North Kailasha but if Dravidian and Aryan civilisation is different than how an northern deity has been written in detail in sangam literature.

2. In case of rama, (Northern Deity) is famous in South India, which is indication that North and south civilisation was almost same even after many other local customs.

3. Merging of Sanskrit with local languages is example that Sanskrit was only educated language but never forced to local south Indian tribe just like English is part of our local language but generally transported from education system.

4. Vishnu which home is describe as sea and colour is black (most south Indians) was famous in North while reverse Shiva an white deity is famous in south. which show that these deities are respected and acceptable in major of India due to single civilisation.

5. Vedas /Manusmriti/Ramayana/Mahabharata/Vedanta and other Dancing texts and pilgrimage texts from 2500 BCE to 1100 CE shows that India as a one geography and bounded in one intellectual and knowledge system even after having numerous difference in customs and languages.

Nationalist Ambedkar vs. Breaking India Organizations-Periyar Group

पेरियार – दक्षिण भारत की शर्मनाक कहानी

The Colonised Mind Syndrome: The Unknow Obsession of getting validation from West.

Decolonization of Indian Education System

Why Every Indian Should Read Breaking India By Mr. Rajiv Malhotra

There is many other distortion which is created by west for enslaving Indians and other colonies. But I would like to rest my case here for this section.

Ultra secularism and Gandhi:

How M K Gandhi non violence become the one of the most spineless reason of India fall is given by an example below:

M.K.Gandhi says….”Britain had faced the Nazi wave in non violence? and yet, that is exactly what the mahatama Gandhi exhorted the British to do in his 1940 open latter ‘to every Briton’, in which he called for them to lay down their arms ‘because war is bad in essence’, ‘to fight Nazism without arms or ….with non violent arms’, and to ‘invite Hitler and signor Mussolini to take…possession of your beautiful island’ (Page 153)

Gandhi was here suggesting in a latter to British empire that they should give holy land to Nazis and try to convert their heart by using non violence. he also suggest Jews that they should not retaliate to Nazis with violence but accept their fate of killing by Nazis as a act towards humanity.

Gandhi once even suggest during riots in Karla and Bengal between Hindu-Muslims that “Hindu should not tried to save themselves if a Muslim want to kill him, what would be the great joy by killing of own brother. if Muslim want to convert Hindu, Hindu should not resist that because resistance is another kind of Non violence”

Gandhi was sucidal in nature

On the other hand Sri Aurbindo’s says:-

Hitler and Nazism and its push towards world domination are…an assault by formidable reactionary force, a purely Asuric (Evil) force, on the highest value of civilization and their success would mean the destruction of individual liberty, national freedom, liberty of thought, liberty of life, religious and spiritual freedom in at least three continents. (Page 153)

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