Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (Robert Langdon #03)

Rating: 4/5

To Live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wondering about in a great library without touching the books.

-The Secret Teachings of All ages

Well, again a mind bending novel from Dan brown which has special co-relation between Science and Mysticism of ancient people in this historical fiction. Symbolism and mysticism connected with Real physical science in this novel through symbols and ancient texts. This story moves around the Washington D.C (The power capital of United state) and its relation between Masonic History.

The Apotheosis of Washington

The Plot

Robert summon by his mentor and old friend Peter Solomon (An scientist, philanthropist, Mosaic believer and simply Rich men). Initially Robert hesitate to accept the offer of lecturing to peter guest on very special occasion of Masonic History  but under good faith he accept offer. Robert Langdon, an Professor of symbology at Harvard University. Robert flew to Washington DC which is capital of world superpower “United State of America”. On the other side, Mal’kah (Bad Guy) of this novel is planning to do something big which can put whole US under national threat. CIA director is directly watching and handling the situation with bunch of his best men in field and back in office.

Robert directly called to Capital Building in Washington DC.  But his surprise increase exponentially when he watched no one to give lecture. He suddenly found served right hand of his mentor with strange position to indicating towards a “Virtual” portal which can transform human into God. He tired to gasp the situation but from there CIA took control and with help of Capital police they unlock a secrete door hidden under Capital Building. They found there a Masonic pyramid which engraved with mumble jumble latter of masonic literature. But here is the twist, Robert had something with him which can solve this pyramid riddle and give by Peter to him, many year before this all happened.

Capital Building, Washington DC


Robert tried to hide that fact which turns into the misunderstanding b/w CIA director and Robert. Suddenly a helping hand, rescued Langdon from that situation and  second twist of story start. Other hand Katharine (Peter Solomon’s sister) waiting for his brother to show something breakthrough which can change human way of thinking about Holy Books and magic. According to her, she was on edge to breakthrough the most difficult question of history. But Mal’kah turns her planed into nightmare and destroyed her lab. she finally run out and meet to Robert Langdon in National Library. Both tried to solve the puzzle of pyramid and capstone given by Peter. They found that this arrangement is moving them to a specific location where mysteries are awaiting for them. deciphered description of Pyramid puzzle  “The secrete is hidden in The Order” torture Langdon a lot. He tried to hard understand the meaning of this phrase. Katharine become big help this part of novel and she helped him with her noetic science skill to found the meaning of puzzle. On the Other side Mal’kah kept Peter as captive and he tried to bargain with Robert about the truth and wisdom in exchange of Peter Life.

National Library, Washington DC


Robert and Katharine run towards the National cathedral for help as guided by Architect of capitol Building. They both took help from cathedral priest who guide them to third location “Franklin Square“. But soon Robert Found that pyramid is guiding them to false location which is not exist in reality. But CIA took charge from here and they send both of them to Mal’kah place to see the Peter Solomon. But a big surprise was waiting there for both of them. Moreover, Journey taking ups and down , chase between Mal’kah,CIA Director to reach first to the truth is beyond comparison. What I like the most is twist between Mal’kah and Peter Solomon. Story never allow you to take breath. You move with constant pace and Robert knowledge serves you as it serve in “Angel and Demon” and “The DaVinchi Code“.

House of Temple


The Things which I don’t like

Beyond everything, story hold you back in seat. Excitement, adventure and pain grasp you one by one as story move to the end. The explanation given by Robert and breakthrough explain by Katharine will realized you that all of this true. Now, the only thing which I don’t like that use of Bible as a mystical document. (I would like to say sorry in advance, who love bible and Quran). In this chapter, fictionally tired to portray the picture of Christen and Sufi mysticism which seems similar like eastern mysticism. I would like to blame my religious studies for this, I do not find these are same in reality. Mystic and spiritualism is eastern is very much different from western mysticism. I will sought few facts, entailment theory of Vedas, Dhammpada and Jains literature one side said, We are bound with same consciousness and we are reflection of universe itself. They don not subscribe God and even recognized God. Brahman is “Eternal Law” and Dharma is “Eternal duty” that’s it. In early Hindus and Buddhist texts, God has no space. But Later stage after influence from western knowledge and cultural invasion in India. God is been discover by Hindus and Buddha become god in Buddhism. More or less, all scripture say, “God is One” I agree. But the meaning of eastern and western Holy books is quite different and spirituality in western religion doesn’t leave the hand of imagined God. Last few pages tried to mixed everything together and comes like that the real mysticism and spiritualism is discover by Mason and Christ. While reality is that spiritualism is long back discover in Indus valley civilization and currently that is been repackaged to us by saying that its not belongs to eastern civilization.  Apart from Writing style and story, I found a bit offended when people tried to repackaged things and sell to the same people.

Moreover, Its a Enjoyable and fascinating “Good Read”

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