Book Review: Chankya Chant By Ashwin Sanghi

Chanakya's ChantsChanakya’s Chants by Ashwin Sanghi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Chanakya’s Chants (Hindi)

Disclaimer: I have read the Hindi version of this book ..

This is my first read of Ashwin Sanghi. I will say that this book is started well and move a bit great at initial chapters. Gangadhar Misra and Vishnu-Gupt share the same set of character is Politics and Vision of Future. One of them is simple man of UP, India and Another is simple son of a Outcast Brahmin in Magadh. They both share the powerful knowledge of Politics and Money. They are politician, they both know how to gain trust and most important how to break that on Right time.
This 487 Pages Novel start with a Old person who is in his death bad and watching one of his taut to be see as PM of India. Chandani Gupta is Prime Minister of India, but 32 years before she was a slum girl of Mr. Gupta. She was groomed by Gangadhar Misra and Ikram Bhai (another taut of Mishra). On the other hand, Chankya- The famous Economist, Politician, Brahman and Teacher of 323 BCE of Takshshila University is planning to take revenge from King of Nanda dynasty (A Shudra King- An people blame Brahmans for oppression of Dalit’s and Shudra’s while they were Brahman) for his father death. Now, Novel move flip flop from present to past in each chapter and describe 1000 kind of political schemes and Quote which sound brilliant.

The Most disturbing thing of This Novel is “Language”. Seriously small kid shouldn’t read such fifthly word filled book. “Fuck” “Son of Bitch” “Rapist” is common word in this book.

Few things are appreciable like how writer tried to bend the political game played by Gangadhar Mishra and Chankya. How cruel is Politics, and Most important how trust and friendship turned off and On in politics. Beyond Indian Politics, this show even world most developed Nation has same agenda to divide people in name of Rich-Poor (socialist agenda), My religion V/s Your religion (Extreme Right wing agenda), Oppressor V/s Suppressed (Extreme Left wing agenda) and Men V/s Women (Ultra Feminist agenda). If someone think that these ideology are developed the human status….You are a BIG Wrong…These ideology is result of thousand years political and economical churning to control the mass to stay in power by People who has brain. Now ending of Novel is dramatic with end of Chandani secrete and Chankya chants to wrote down his knowledge and crush over him.

I personally request people not to take such books as account of any minute amount of truth for history of India. Chankya was most renowned and respectable teacher and political mind in India. He was consider as First  Father of Politics and “Dhrama-Sastra” or “Constitution Book to rule a Nation” .

Although Book is great read and whoever want to understand the dirty politics of Uttar Pradesh. How Indian politicians sold their soul to Vote Bank and Used community as Fixed deposit to be in Power.