Book Review: In Search of Ethical Leadership by R.M. Lala

In Search of Ethical LeadershipIn Search of Ethical Leadership by R.M. Lala

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Big Time Crap !! Starting of 2017 with piece of Shit


Never Ever read such kind of slow book. This is the book which I could say, I have to push my brain for every single page. Bad starting of this year. I have started to read that book in last September and this less than 200 pages book responsible for my sleep in many nights. I tried to throw it 1000 times but my curiosity to complete this book always drag this piece of shit in my hand.
R.M.Lala may be a good writer but he has done bad job in this book. This book has no order. In name of leadership this book teach you social and moral lession which not fit with anyone.
This book throw your mind from Neapolitan to Lenin, Bush to Gandhi, JRD Tata to Bill gates. I wish I could write more interesting about this book, even my review would be much batter than original content. Believe me, Generally I have a schedule to read books in whole day, and I never read that book in that schedule. I have turn this book pages in most boring time of a day.

I should say, Indian academic agencies whoever give awards such big crap writers is fake and biased. I mean this book is full of Gandhi’s and Nehru Bootlicking . There is no single word about biggest leader of Indian freedom fight, Subhash Chandra Boss , No single word about Bhagat Singh who run socialist democratic of India in young age of 19. Just because he patronized Gandhi’s in India, This men is famous writer. Basically, This book is about life and leadership of JRD Tata whom I admire most, but the dedicated number of pages to that men in less than 10. writer tried to pop up JRD in few places but for only patronizing Gandhi and Nehru. Let’s say, This book is attempt of bootlicking of Gandhi In India which was quite fashion during 70’s and 80’s under communist control education and intellectual dept. This person influenced by Communist agenda and he is happy to praise Hitler for his Leadership. Seriously !!

Stalin a mass murder of opponent and Communist dictator of China “Mao” who killed almost all of his opponent in name of communism, these kind of characters are leader in this book. Second, What the hell Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad has to do with leadership. This is ironic to see such brilliant writer is connecting these Old faggots to ” Modern Leadership” .

Trust me if someone say Buddha was leader, He is lying or he doesn’t know about Buddha.  Buddha was a men with highest will of meditation and liberation from earth illusion. The people followed him, he never guide, made planning, expanded kingdom. Buddha was just a spiritual person with honest heart. Similar Like Jesus (I am sure many are doubtful that this person even exist or not, because few think that Jews and romans created this character) was a spiritual person and he was honest, I don’t know. He was Good- I am doubtful. If you really read New Testament you will find that preaching of Jesus was controversial and didn’t match with our modern morality. Mohammad, well I don’t need to say anything. Pick up any hadith and I will assure you, you wouldn’t like to live in his era.