Four Basic Nature of Human in Kaliyuga (Modern age) by Lord Krishana

Once four Pandav ask Lord Krishna about the nature of Human in Kali-yuga. Lord Krishna smiles because the elder brother “Dharmraj” means “Man of Highest dharma” was not there.

So He told four Pandavs (Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev): If you want to know, you have to do one work for me. I will shoot few arrow in different directions, you need to just find them and pickup for me.

All Pandav’s agree on that.

Than Lord shoot arrow in all direction and Pandav follow the trail of arrow.

When Arjuna reach to arrow, he saw a scene which is un-natural. he saw a cuckoo is singing very sweet songs but eating a rabbit meat. He got amazed and returned back to lord Krishna.

Another location Bhīma, saw five well which are surrounding with full of water but in Middle of these wells, there is another well which was empty. so he again surprise and took his arrow. Returned back to Lord Krishna.

Nakul which was small brother than Bhima, reached the site. But he saw a cow is giving birth to a calf. after few second, she started to licking him and never left till the time people separate them. calf even get injured in this act.

Sahadev saw that big boulders were falling from mountain near his site of arrow. he saved himself but suddenly a big boulders stopped by a small tree in his path. He remember this incident and move to Krishna place.

After all of them come to Krishna, Krishna told to explain their incident. They narrated what they had experienced. So Krishna told that :-

In Age of kali-yuga (Modern age) four kind of nature will be present in society

  1. Intellectuals and responsible of maintaining truth will say things very sweet but never leave any chance to exploited the poor and  people in trouble. They will create an illusion of truths amongst peoples that no one will be identified the truth behind their intentions. Priest, Intellectuals, Politicians, Ruling systems will have sweet idea and voice and also great knowledge but they exploited them who trust them.
  2. The Incident of wells will teach about the nature of Humans, few will be rich with enormous capacity of money and power. They will be filled with wealth but will not share with hungry and needy. They will see the poor, talk about the poor, show the sympathy pain to poor but never will share their wealth with poor.
  3. Few will be loved their Sons and daughters but their enormous love will spoil them. They will injured their own clan and breed in this extra love. They do not teach them the value of being in trouble and hard work.
  4. The Last one will be who claim so high. They will claim high advancement of Humans but forget the spiritual advancement. This fall of spiritual advancement will be only hold by nature small acts. An act of nature who will show them only holding the real devotion will save them.

Disclaimers: This story is paraphrased from Bhagwat Puran.