7 Golden Habit for New Year-2017

Happy New Year 2017 to all my word press friends

With the blush starting of 2017, we all are on the way to new ways of living our life. In start of year, I would like to share my story of transformation by Using a small app and will power. before start of 2016, I was almost 83 kg with over weight and almost very low in all years read. Last year I took one hard step to change my life. One of them was putting seven Golden Habits in My daily schedule.

I would like to share with you my habits, so you can be benefited with that.

I have download an average apps to monitor my daily habit and it is very easy to use. You can download the same app by following the below mention link:-

List: Daily Checklist – Click to Download

Habit # 01

Wake up at 6:00 Am (Priority- High)

This is one of the important habit which must be required to increase your flow all along the day. Early waking up, give you boost for whole day. I have chosen this specific time according to My schedule of work. You can vary it by your life style. Still, I would like to suggest that, do not increase this after 7:00 AM. In eastern world, 4:00 AM-7:00 AM is consider as “Brahm-muhurut” which means “Great time or starting time of day”.

Waking up in early time will circulate energy all over your body and refresh your brain potential.

Habit # 02

Exercise 30 Minute minimum (Priority-High)

This habit is another high priority because Health is wealth. Without doubt you can choose any exercise. from cycling to Kickboxing warm up, lifting to jogging, Gym to Yoga. It’s all up to you. I have driven this habit in different phase. I was too lazy to lift anything hence I have started with one Yoga exercise “Surya Namaskar” and “Kamal-Asan” which is very peaceful Yoga position. Than I trained my self for jogging and now these days I am learning “Kick Boxing Exercise “.

This part of action will boost your daily life and burn extra fat which you have gain. If you followed this religiously, I am assure you that you will lose lots of calories.

I have reduced 10 kg by using these simple but regular exercise. I am mentioning few links if you are interested to know what exactly I have followed.

Surya Namaskar – The best for beginners

Kickboxing workout

Habit # 03

Read Books for 1.5 Hours daily (Priority-Medium)

This was the best part which I have done in 2016. I almost completed 42 Hardcopy and 15 Kindle books by reading daily. I haven’t given this habit as high priority due to taste about different think. I would suggest, you can use this slot for learning new things (I chose to learn from books). You can choose to play music, do something constructive etc. I religiously read, 42 books including every kind of genre and end up with many friends in Good reads and WordPress.  Now question is that what do you want to do with that.

Please don’t use that thing for video game, watching idiot box, doing crazy stuff which is unproductive.

Habit #04

NO SMOKING (Priority-High)

Yes you read this right. I was chain smoker and still I take few puff if I get chance. But still I am trying to control.

If you don’t smoke, that’s great dude. but if you, try to leave it. I know leaving smoking is like leaving cycling.

you just think you will leave that habit but it will return any how. I would like to share my experience in this because its work for me.

In last year Jan to March- I reduced my smoke from 10 to 6. for this I drink lemon tea and try to stay away from people who smoke. the pulse of Nicotine  is beyond comparison. I drink lots of water, Lemon Tea, avoid contact with people who smoke publically and specially I tried to stay away friend who give greedy offer of “you can have once at least”

March to Sept- I tried to reduced it from 6 to 3, by only having Morning, after lunch and after dinner. This idea seems stupid but its work. you just need convince your mind that you can have it but after only eating out.

Oct to Dec- 2 smoke in a day. Morning and After dinner. Yes, but now from start of 2017, I have changed my goal post from 2 to occasionally with drinks.

Habit # 05

Sleeping at 11:00 PM (Priority-High)

Like waking up early, sleeping on time is good for health and brain capacity. I have chosen 7 hr. sleep according to my Job. I would like to suggest, few sleep pattern which might be helpful.

A youngster (11 to 21) must sleep up to 8 hr, and adult (21 to 50) can have 7 -7.5 hrs sleep. More than 50 yrs must sleep minimum 8 hrs.

Now, I used to sleep exactly 11:00 PM after reading books.

It’s highly recommended to people do not use/Read laptops, video game, TV, stories books & novels. Having sex before that can be a good idea or reading a non fictional book might be helpful.

Habit # 06

Learn something new (priority -Medium)

I would like to recommend that people must spend their time in progressive things. Like playing chess and Sudoku which can increase mental and calculating power. Photography, writing a blog, learning new things like swimming, martial arts, playing instruments, doing community service etc. This will boost your moral and increase your social groups.

Habit # 07

Avoid excessive  Social media

Yes !! Please stay away from your phone. I am telling you if you are able to strictly follow this habit than only other habit can be done efficiently. Don’t be addicted to this internet age. Be with nature, spend your time in park and natural places. with this trick you will know that there is beautiful life except this virtual world.

With This I would like say “Very happy new year to all my friends here” and I wish you all will be beneficial from these small habits.