Book Review: The Children of Lir by Micheal Scott

The Children of LirThe Children of Lir by Michael Scott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This Irish Stories about King Lir is great insight of human behaviour.

I Have read the comic version of that story

The Most heart touching Irish Mythology

This Irish legend of Ireland is most famous and readable mythical story. I was just roaming for new book in my tablet than I come through this title. Title of book is also very impressive and attract anyone in single glimpse.

“Children of Lir” is story of King Lir who lived happily with his four children in his kingdom. They were happy and seems as perfect for each other. But with a twist, king Lir wife died and whole family started to break down. For handling such crises, King called his wife sister who has power of spell. This women initially seems nice to children but has jealousy or greed for the position of Queen. One fine day, one of king minister advice him to merry with Lir’s wife sister. He found that offer is quite nice and suitable because its seems that this women love those children as her own.

After being Queen, she spell those four children as swan for 900 Years out of jealousy. When king know about the hatred she had hidden, he convert that women into black crow and cried for fate for his children. Another 900 yrs, children of King Lir, lived in many places and finally get rescued when one disciple of St. Patrick ring a communion bell for them.

Being fan of folk story, I found that this story is very heart touching and emotional. A father who has done everything right, how fate snatch everything from him in one night. how a women who received love of a king and his four children turned into a black heart out of jealousy. I loved the way, this book describe human emotion. We as a human, have similar life like King Lir. We have always a perfect family, there is always a chance of mishappening or even worst. There is always a chance if someone can have profit out of our emotions. But still as a human, we Trust, We Love and We betrayed. I found this story very closed to real human nature. Nature of jealous with another wealth, nature of trust to someone who show sympathy to us and our family. Nature of anger, when we find that we got betrayed baldy by someone we loved enormously.

This remind me another Indian tale of sacrifice and I am sure everyone has listened about that:- The Ramayana- The Story of Lord Rama.

This story seems to be similarly emotional to Ramayana. A king who get exile of 14 years in his youth just to prove that he is obedient child. To shake of his father promise, he stay in woods, have pain to show that “How a Child should be Obedient to his parents”. He killed demons in woods to prove that ” a person with pure heart must be rescued people in Need”. He allied with Monkey King and beer in woods and loved them equally to all his companion, even more to show that “In eye of a Lord, no human, animal and even minute creature (living and Non living) is equal to him”. He fought for righteousness of his wife. he tasted righteousness of his wife and last he scarified his own wife for the people whom he rule. I found that King Lir has faced the same fate, trauma of
losing his wife, than loosing his children whom he love so much and last loosing his life without seeing them as a Normal being.

This is a nice story and worth readable.