Why Indian Pseudo-Liberals are as Extremist as ISIS?

“The Only difference between good and bad idea is degree of obsession, Any obsessed good idea can become bad ” – Surender Negi

I am hard fan of Christopher Hitchens and many other atheist writer including Father of New atheism – Richard Dawkins. I was watching one of his show where he was arguing with Mr. Deepak Chopra (a medical professional and New age spiritual teacher in United state of America) over the topic of consciousness. I found that during the debate they both were arguing well (no matter who is right !!), but suddenly I have seen anger in Richard voice.  I wasn’t expecting this with one of the great Darwinian alive amongst us.

In another incident, Once I was in Mall, where I found a lady just trying to enter the gate with bag in hand. I feel that I should help her so eagerly I run towards the gate and open for her. Just after entering the gate, I found that I am in embarrassing situation when that lady scolded me for opening gate for instead saying thanks. She was blaming me for considering women week, who can not open gate by themselves. Seriously !!

It may be possible you also find yourself sometime under an argue where you find that people in general trying to be victim by their own mindset .  In another incident, I was arguing over the Indian reservation system (which is eating Indian talent structure and now become only weapon of Vote bank politics in India ) with one of my school friend.

for people who unaware from the subject, Indian constitution allow tribal and schedule people reservation in Jobs, education, loans & education to lift their economical condition. It was purposed for 10 years but later it become subject for vote bank politics in India and extended up to 70 years. Today, In India this group is known as “Dalit” “Hari-Jan” and “SC/ST group”. Each year Indian government and politician add new castes into this for vote bank.

During argue, I tried to explain him how this reservation is misused by people (under Dalit category and very rich). How it should be based on economical condition rather than birth based. My Point was simple “Any reservation which is meant to be poor and oppressed shall be based on economical condition rather than birth based caste, It will increase caste system rather than decrease at some point of time”. But this argument become wrong when I got to know that he is similarly belongs to same Dalit category and considered that “All Other class must be punished for oppression done on them since 5000 yrs.” Logically Its seems to be stupid idea. we can not punish someone for crime done by their forefathers in age of darkness. But at last We both were end up in heated argument over this.

The Above examples shows that SJW (Social Justice Worrier) in India is somehow going wrong. I always appreciate the help given to oppressed and poor. But the question in that, In age of Internet and fast economic growth are we doing right with Other groups.

Trust Me !! I want to believe that people should be less religious when its comes to handle the society. But Like in My first example, how an atheist can forced to a person the reject the customs, theory and his faith which he acquired from generation without any substantial prove. I am an atheist, for me God is not something which is controlled the universe. For me he is the law, universal and karmic law.

Now Question is that How pseudo-Liberals is as dangerous as ISIS?

Answer is simple, ISIS wants to enforced the ideology which they think is true and reality for them and others. I found the same characteristics in New age atheist, SJW, Ultra feminist or Feminizes, Pseudo-Liberals and Secular and Ultra-Dalits in India. They believed that believed their theory of Aryan-Invasion, Caste system oppression, Women oppression or you are sexist, racist, oppressor. I found that women oppression and Caste system kind of divide was present in every culture and religion in Middle ages. It is still there and it will be always their forever. because we human survive in nature by Grouping and fighting with others.

SJW of India, believed that Hindutva or Hinduism is going to become another dictator force who will crush the face of humanity. (while they avoid the blunt ideology of Islamic extremist and white missionaries who eager to convert every single soul in earth in name of Human rights/Jesus).

Why I don’t buy their theory of Hindutva and Hindus as fundamentalist ?

Because there is no fundamental based for Hindus to become extremist. Lets check with the history of extremism from Christ Crusade, Solider of Allah to Nazis.  The Most common point you will get for them is “A Fundamental believed system which is nourished by a fundamental institution structure”.

In another world, if Hindus have to be extremist they need to believe in single sets of customs, way of dressing, philosophy, way of worships, single Holy books and a grand institution as equal as Vatican (by wealth and politically) to control & Unified 960 Millions Hindus in India and 20 Million in all around the world.

As spending life in India, I found it astronomical difficult. Why? Because India is land of transformative religion. From Vedic to Sanatana, Puranaic to Modern , Indian culture and Dharma prove that it doesn’t come in category of Monotheistic, history centric cults and ideology. Hinduism was never a religion or you can say Organized religion. This is the way of living Naturally within Nature. “A dharma which comes from nature and churning of nature”. Similarly, I do not find that any Hindus who hate another Hindus for his culture, customs and rituals. They can be sarcastic or racial in some way but they are not going to kill anybody for that. Due to this reason I don’t buy Liberals and Secular theory of Hindutva and Extreme Hinduism.

History of Theory of Hindutva

History behind “Hindutva” can be traced back to the time of colonial when Swami Vivekananda, Dayanand sarswati, Raja ram Mohan Roy, Isawar Chandra Vidhyasagar kind of social reformer trying to reform the society according to Modern age. Indologist (British and European) found that Vivekananda Ideology of Single India could be dangerous for their policy “Divide and Rule”. From that they started to fabricate the “Theory of Neo-Hinduism”. It has been studied and transformed into the blood of new leaders that, This modern age Hinduism has nothing to do with Puranaic or Vedic Hinduism. Rammana Maharaj and Swami Chinmayananada were spiritual leader while Bal Gangadhar tilak and Veer Sawarkar were following the ideology of Swami Vivekanada Single and United India which once proven by Samrath Ashokh. In early 1965′ communist ideology gripped Indian education system so tightly that they started to detached the Hindus values and history from secular India. Even they started to distorted the Mugals extremism, British colonize damaged to India.

Now the command of This defamation or neo Hinduism is Under new Indologist Like Wendy dungier and Sheldon Pollock. They successful able to add more Hindu culture hatred Indologist in this gang from Indian Origin. On the contrary side, Communist Historian like Irfan habib and Romila Thapar played a wishful role for such people and organization (I called them – Hindu phobic) in exchange of fame and money. So basically the idea of hindutva was ideology to unite India under one umbrella of nationalism instead of religion by Hindu reformers. But Hard work of Indologist change it something like a cult aggression towards the fellow religion (after even the ignoring the fact that Hindus were living with other ideology more than 2000 yrs. i.e Buddhist and Jains,Sikhs etc.) peacefully.

Neo-Hinduism Indologist tried to use this theory for political rule by help of pseudo-secular and communist government in India from 1947 to 1980’s. but a sudden surge in hindus, for revival of their religion and pacing it with another growing religion become cause of Raise of Hindutva party in India. Rashtriya Sawamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) generally portrayed as Hindu nationalist party who want Hindu rules and other religion oppression. But the reality is seems different, in Last 15 to 25 years BJP and RSS has become more nationalistic and less appeasement party who think for Indians beyond Vote bank politics tactics.

“Hindutva ideology has been developed by British Indologist to portray Hindus extremist and backwards, but everything went wrong after 9/11, when another religion of Book target western framework. From that day, west started to portray Islam as extremist religion while they themselves looted all Asian and Africans country extremely more than 300 years. “

Why Indian Liberals are getting wrong?

“Indian liberals has only one eye to see the world and unfortunately that has been implanted by western ideologist to avoid all Indian quality and defame them, So They always become Brain slaves of west and always look to them for intellect, rights and rule.”

The problem with Indian liberals is that their lens of Observing the Indian culture and values are borrowed from western scholar. Ironically, No Indian intellectual ever able to develop his own method to analyses the problem within the framework of Indian history and culture like china did. Indians even after independent become brain slaves of west. They started to like the idea of following west without even thinking that west can manipulate the very basic fundamental foundation which is history.

A nation that forgets its past has no future- Wiston Churchill

Indian History and civilization has been tempered by communist historian and liberals scholar at its utmost level. Indians were thrown in black dark and self guilt that they were cavemen before mugals come into India. systematically Indian prime language – Sanskrit and prime History- Ramayana and Mahabharata been removed from Indian school text books. Texts books filled with Gandhian praise and Mugals rulers. Hindus been shown oppressed and primitive.

Ironically, Hindus never grown up their Jatis divide and always been target by Muslims Invaders, British Invaders and Now Communist Invaders. Hindus always been divide in name of caste, colour and languages. It may be Karmic result of their ignorance towards their own racial behaviour. But Question is – How much more time it will take to be One and United. On the other side Left liberals used these fault-lines to eradicate the native culture from land of Ganga.

The Purpose of this post is only to show the mirror of Indian liberals who are actually weakening Indian foundation and nationalism by being the instrument of western Indologist and ideologist.

My Question is Simple and Straight- When China can remove this brain slavery, why not India? why not liberals, nationalist, conservatives, Hindus, Dalits, Muslims, Sikhs can make One and strong India. When China can do that, why not India?