Islamabad Court (Pakistan) banned Valentine Day?

Love one another, as I have loved you. So you must love one another- Jesus Christ

A protestor of extremist group in Pakistan-Jamat e islami

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Pakistan court Ban Valentine day by declearing it “Un Islamic”

Although I am Hindu by culture, mind, education and have been reading about Hinduism. I love the quote mentioned above by Jesus Christ. Now, I have a question. By just loving this quote and Idea, of Jesus “Am I a Christian?”. Hell, No. Even I am not a theist.

This quote from Jesus simply talk about love each other in Moral way. Now Question is that, what is being Islamic which is mentioned in below given Link. Not to love someone whom you actually love. Or not to display love to your life partner. What culture resist you to doing so? Few days back, Pakistan court ban “The Valentine day” by saying that its not match with their culture hence it shouldn’t be allowed to display publically. Hence, no young couple of Muslim faith , show their love on 14th Feb in each years (while its okay to bang bang each other on rose bad except all 364 days in year).  😉

Pakistani youth shout slogans against Valentine’s Day in Lahore on February 14, 2013. Pakistan’s media regulator Wednesday asked television and radio stations to avoid offending religious sentiments and corrupting the nation’s youth in their Valentine’s Day broadcasts. AFP PHOTO/Arif ALI (Photo credit should read Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)


Ironically, liberal values tried hard to enter Islamic republic of Pakistan, but seems to fail as So called Islamic culture endorse by Pakistani court for conservative and extremist in country halt the way. This is Ironic to see, even in India few groups tried to justified it with religious morality (while Indian museum, kings temple is filled with love and erotic images). Okay, so here is thing. Now, the question is that

Why is celebrating Valentine is consider as Anti-Native culture ?

The Answer is simple: Misunderstanding.

Many consider that valentine is new propaganda of church to spread Christianity. While in few cases Missionaries used it as a weapon amongst young people, but in Reality St. valentine was against the church itself for their hatred towards young love. He killed himself for that cause and actually those who celebrate valentine day, celebrating the death day of great saint. Celebrating valentine day is not crime till it is not used as demonizing the native culture or used as tools for conversion. But saying that its against culture. I am sorry its against even Christian culture itself. Vatican and Orthodox church consider Young love (which involve premarital sex) Sin (Adam-eve Original sin). 😉

Well, a country which has more than 71% population uneducated, Boys enrollment is less than 61% or women is less than 34%, 58% population is under extreme poverty while 72% living under extreme unhygienic condition.

A young women protestor against Valentine day says Its Haram


A Nation which has largest child abuse city in world (Peshawar) and think tank for extreme radicalization of religion. A nation where a prominent mollavi spent flirt night with a young girl-Qandeel Baloch (later she was killed by his own brother who known to be brainwashed with same mollavi) talking about Morality and culture.

Qandeel Baloch- Freedom in a conservative country.

I don’t think so what culture they represent, may be culture of oppression and radicalization.

I would like to thanks the Liberal people of Pakistan for standing up against a extremist regime or group who want to oppress the very idea of love.