Book Review: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Rating: 4/5

The DaVinci Code: A Major Movie and Controversial Novel for Catholic Church

The Da Vinci Code: A fictional novel which allows you to think beyond the current view of Christianity

Dan Brown’s novel always creates something which I like to call “The Reader Void”. This void allows you to think beyond the current view on things which is mentioned in Brown’s Novel. His books surely give more food for the mind that only fiction stories. Like his interpretation of PHI, about King Constantine and his efforts to change pagan to Christianity. After reading his all novel before “The Da-Vinci Code”, I feel that I missed his masterpiece. Unlike Inferno was more about Dante’s implementation with superhuman ideology, this novel gives you something different. Its provide the food thought for all christens and non christen for a while. Very controversial thoughts which allowed his books ban in many christen nation.
Moreover, reading Vinci code is brain exercise with the history and many facts which is unknown to common people. One of the secrete which I consider is the age of Aquarius :

Age of Aquarius which is generally consider from 20th CE to 2160 years is the age of enlightenment, scientific rationality and mental up gradation from the age of Pisces (which is considered as the age of Monotheistic religion, Spirituality and Fish. 😉

This concept, however, has been varied its years according to the different scholar from the different part of worlds. Another brain twisting facts which I like most rather than Christ cult stories is symbolism inside the PHI. I have read this mathematical coincidence in another book “Is God a mathematician? by Mario Livio”.


Like another Dan brown, thriller Robert Langdon called by French police and his captain fetch for solving a mysterious murder scene of a prominent art intellectual of the era. This art intellectual; died with symbols and cryptic description on floor and body. During the investigation, Robert meets with Sophie (a cryptographer from French authorities), who conveyed to Robert that he is being drafted for this murder. That story moves from how they run from fetch and reached to Grail Historian Mr. beigh. The story turns out when Robert and Sophie got to know that they are middle of a fictional war between church and a secret society who protected an powerful truth from the world. The biggest truth which reveals by this novel (fictional truth) is that Christ was married and bloodline of his descendant is still alive. Ironically, few details are not digestible. but we must appreciate the Dan Brown for writing such great and entertaining story.

Interestingly, the detail provided in the novel devastatingly shows the connection of Christianity with natural religion and their impression on Christian art and culture. As a student of SA religion and culture, I am very well aware of the fact that how religion itself incarnate in society. The best example for this is Hinduism. The Vedic period of Hinduism suggests that it was core monotheistic religion which is later transformed into pluralistic religion during trading and culture interchanged between many civilizations like Mayans, Mesopotamian, Egypt, China etc. But Christianity, one side flush them out of history while India keeps this culture alive till date. That is why which seems to diversity to Indian, its chaos for Monotheistic culture. A Hindu is a reflection of many civilizations before black and white Christianity and Islam. One side this reform in western religion comes with unity and militarization of human society (or concept of hardcore nation in term of religion) along with bloodshed and brainwashing of humans. Another side Hindu society decayed with time to sustain the very wisdom of Vedas and pluralistic ideas under invading force of Islam and Britain.



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