In age of globalization, when every civilisation want to prove that their history is much older and correct version of world view which we seeks through liberal values, Indians are confused in this universalism idea. Western values which much is mixture of their cross culture experiment and Islamic universalism which is strictly depend on Holy Books Like Quran and hadith, Hindus find themselves very distressed and dysfunction in universal frame of this world view.

Debate about Hindu world view has been started and getting heated after raise of consciousness in many Hindus in India. They want to apply their world view about universalism in India which is quite indigestive for few pseudo liberals. The most debatable topics of this universalism is :

Should Cow worshipped as Mother?

This question is part of very maligned propaganda by western Indologist or intellectuals who want to prove that Hindus still have trace of tribalism by accepting an animal as mother. As using my freedom of speech, I would like to say “Cow is not only mother of Hindus but cow is mother of Humanity”. 

For proving my point, I would like to thrown out my and your religious believes out of window and imagine a situation where world 99% person depend on cultivation. farming always been power of Indian civilisation and farmers always used cow as their domestic animal. Now, Consider the situation when you lose a dog and cat whom you spend a year. Will you eat in your poorest condition? Will you just throw the dead body out without having compassion? As a human it might be hard for you (Except you are not brainwashed by your religious believes), you must do something to repay that animal who served you for years. In ancient India, Cow always consider as multiproduct animal, irrespective of Indian continent cows has been used for milking, plugging to last eating. Hindu believes of considering Cow as mother is one the natural believes like praising sun for light and river for water. Cow has been always part of their life till recent year when modernization hit them. This very fasting globalization snatch their farm lands but unable to snatch the humility feeling  towards cow.

Monotheism, teaching about Human is superior than nature and animal create the gap between this long lasting natural relation ship between human and animal. These also raise the superiority ego almost human that “How can I called an animal my mother?” (while according to Darwin we are still animal in social sense). This human superiority ego with One true god concept raise these consciousness which is material but not spiritual in nature. For proving our superiority we destroyed jungles, flora fauna and rivers. We are almost running towards melting of Poles due to our ignorance about nature. We started to harvest animal for food [while we can vegetable], we started to disowned the very natural beliefs of humans in name of liberalism.

few Hindus gives argue that they do not have anything to this believes because they don’t worship that idea. Okay, Than why they celebrate Onam. What is that? |cheering for new harvested crops? why we even need to cheer for that? They said they love Ayyapa? Will Ayyapa allowed to kill an innocent animal in name of taste? Irrespective of religious argues I believed Hinduism permitted minimal violence in need of survival which is one the law of jungle. But Why todays, In this modernized  India, farmer dying because of good price of their crops, we are unable to give them great demand. Yet we are ready to eat the same animal which helps human civilisation to get growth, progress as society and last love for being part of family.

The second heated debate is about “Hindutva is an religious rule?”

I consider many Hindu’s even think hindutva is religious rule over India by Hindus. But I want to reject that claim because the negative upbringing of Hindu Nationalism is not new. from the time of Vivekananda this is ploy of western Indologist. Western Indologist like Diana L. Eck, Sheldon Pollock and Wendy dingier had been working for this for years. Lets start with short intro of hindutva. During the time of Vivekananda, Many western Indologist like Max muller and Jhon William  believes that Hindus are sons of hum which is born to become slaves under crush of Nova as described in Bible. They considered all black and brown people in same categories and trumps White superiority. Later when Vivekananda start a national movement to united many jati under umbrella of single religion which he believes that can dissolved the cast system. This religious movement was threat to European and British rules in India. Than they created a fake theory “Aryan Invasion theory” similar like Native Invasion theory for justifying their crime against native Indians and Sinhalese invasion theory in Sri Lanka which become civil wars in two community. The latest civil war has been seen which is propagated by church and Orientalist is “Rawanda Riots”.

Now lets get Move, After Independence Post colonial intellectual create a theory based on fake Arayan invasion  that North Indians are Outsider and want to relive the “Neo Hinduism as Hindutva“. You can find many Google links which claim that Ramamnad Sagar Ramayana cause babari demolition [irrespective of fact that this issue was running from 1932 in Ayodhya], they tagged BJP, RSS and VHP as fundamentalist organization which want Hindutva. But here is tricking question, Gandhi wants ram rajya, he never get questioned? Many secular politician were believer of Gandhi concept of ram Rajya. Again, Suppose India become Hindu nation, what would be rule book? Shariyat? No? Bible? No? DharmaSastra? Which one? manu?narad?vashisth?Brhamgupta?Chankya? the answer lies in very core of Hinduism…

Hinduism is ever growing tree which never believe in totalitarian rule over highly diverse population . If there could be any rule it would be secular in same aspect because of high diversity in India. Hindutva is just an old age attempt to eradicate cast and jatis system which have been eating up Hindus from many years. Fear about Hindutva is just an mirage image of Monotheistic rules which is based on western experience. Dharma in Buddhist, Hindu and eastern religious nation would be much secular [although I do not claim  Hindu nation, but our constitution needs really reforms like UCC, Anti reservation bills, Equal education and Job opportunity].  The Mindset of Pseudo Intellectual should used eastern lenses and history to see Hindutva more as a binding force amongst Hindus and bridge between other religion. The perfect example is “King of Kerala (who was Hindu and running a Hindu state) made a mosque [certainly second oldest mosque in earth] for Arab traders out of compassion and their respect of religion.”

So the question of what hindutva is “Hindutva is more national identity than religious Identity like the country name “Hindustan”, even decoding as place for Hindus, its still have as much as religion which grow naturally.”


(This is the reply to people who has myopic view about Hinduism and their belief system. People who understand it under western Indologist lenses and create a environment where people get tolerance rather than Mutual respect for Hindus and Hinduism)