​Why freedom of speech is confined for many Indian scholar (traditional)?


“Traditional (Insider) scholar ” term used for people who has been expert of any kind of panth (faith) , sampraday (community) and branch of dharma like Agama, Shaktism, vaishnava, shivaism, adavita, davita, swaminarayana, iskon, arya samaj, ramkrishana, Brahama. They are practicer of all these dharmic branch. They used dharmic analogy or historical philosophy to understand the natural growth in dharma, rituals and customs. They expert in language, shastras and used eastern philology (which is certainly used by Japan and China, to reboots their civilisation in modern term{not western but modern} and India failed to understand).  Ex Sitaram goyal, dr radhaswami sarvappali, prof Guruswami, dr vaidhyanath, Martha , Michal  etc.

“Outsider Scholar” term used for intellectual who studies Hinduism and its extensive branch throughout the life and become scholar. They used psycho analysis to interpretation of symbolism, rituals, western analogical theory of religion, western value system and western universalism to study the meaning of dharmic religion. Ex Wendy doniger, Sheldon Pollock, Dr Diana L Eck,  dr Bachchan etc.
Freedom of speech is term used now these days which simply meaning is “freedom of saying anything which can be in disagreement with what others think/global genralisation”.

The case :

1. First case of this human right violation comes when famous scholar of Hinduism Wendy books comes into the light of criticism by many  traditional scholars. They called her debate on subject in private or public. she has  been denied these debate due to intellectuals gurus protection from west. One of the person dinanath batra than used his constitution right and filled a case against  her publication and demand debate on court. She had been summons by court for a years but she denied  public hearing and flew to US by saying that Indians law doesn’t apply on her. Later on International media she has been downplaying the whole case in name of freedom of speech and Hindutva.
2. Second case, Leela samson (former Film censor board chief), Comes into the controversy when she denied a appeal by Sri Sri Ravi shankar for group Natya programs from Bhartiya Nrutya kala academi. that time she was chief of that acadami and banned shiva natraja idol and its worship by students. She was accused of calling them Idol worshiper or devil cult. many traditional scholar comes for help but as usual their voice been snubbed by Media. In international media this whole incident is manipulated as Hindutva atrocity.
3.  Third case, is  about Well known author of five record breaking books [Breaking India, Being different, Indra Net, Academic Hindu phobia and battle for Sanskrit]. He has been accused by The Hindu newspaper as a maligned person (because he tried to expose Nexus of US think tank, Western Indologist, Media and historical intellectual who’s trying to manipulating the intellectual ecosystem of India based on their dalit, Dravidian and Hindu phobic ideology/fault lines for disintegrated India into many part. Kahniya Kumar, Ranna ayub, bharkha dutt, shekhar gupta, bindra karat, omar khalid, romila thappar, kanchan illya, jhon dayal,irfaan habib  is by product of these intellectual infiltration. Rajiv malhotra has tried to contact The Hindu Team but they denied to listen his side of argument.

My purpose of this post is not holding anyone thought but clearly shown the symptoms of Our Media and Intellectual biased ecosystem. I wish they can imply the freedom of speech to their own criticisms  which they propagate.