Movie Review: Bahubali 2- The Conclusion


bahubali_hd_wallpapers_01.jpgFor the promises that have been made … for truth and justice … for the establishment of righteousness … if you have to go against anyone, even if that’s god … then don’t fear that … since that’s Dharma, the Dharma of a warrior – Bahubali 2

I never wrote any movie review and certainly not sure to write it again for any other movie but I couldn’t resist my self to write about this.
SS rajamouli has created an Epic of Indian cinema and a wave of success which is sure going to broke the wall of Bollywood world. This movie is second part of Bahubali – The beginning which were released on 2015. An epic story of Mahindra Bahubali and His father Amrendra Bahubali- An dharmic king of Mahasmati Kingdom.
I have thousand time respect for this movie than cheap and baseless movies released by Bollywood. There are few movies in Bollywood also which has great impact but mostly they been suppressed by Mafias of Bollywood who run this industries for their culture propaganda.
Movies created by Khan-Dawood-Commies nexus are only released for creating this pro-Pak love and downgrading the history of Hindu India and transforming it into some kind of Mugals influenced society. Irrespective of their billion time love drama, they create shit and more shit for entertainment which include nothing but distaste for an average well read Indian (who has bit knowledge of Indian and Vedic History).
This movies represent and taken an idea from last empire of Vijaya-nagar which ruled by Dharma and on dharma sastra. An empire where discrimination was prohibited and justice was sure. An Hindu empire which is ruled by Vedic dharma and Dharmic king.
The given quote describe that in Hindu scripture “Dharma” is defined in many ways. Most of the time its righteous conduct in society which is based on Vedic teaching and Upanishad wisdom. Dharma is the way of living righteously without fear of even God. Standing up for your rights in turmoil state and Standing up for every single poor and victim which is subjugate by System and Society.
The one who gives life is god … the one who saves life is a doctor … and the one who protects life is a warrior-  Bahubali 2
Indian state after Gandhi insane idea of self destructive Non violence has become impotent. They forget they legends of bravery and their history of “Chakravart (Universal) Kingdom”.  This movie break this idea of self created impotent of Indian state. Movies transparently shown that An kingdom, Country and Individual only become rational when his enemy believes in Good conduct. Behaving with dharma and rationally with an barbaric ideology and enemy is utter stupidity or suicide.
Movies shows that “God” is not something which is being searched by everyone or believed blindly over an So called “Holy Books”. The real God lies in conduct of Dharma and dharmic behaviour. Anyone who implement dharma with highest honesty can become God.
Amrindra Bahubali (in movie) has conduct with Dharma, so become the God of Mahismati. He was polite to poor but deadly for enemy. He was Obedient for his mother, but Stand for Dharmic code and his promise.
Lord Rama was unspeakable of example of such dharmic conduct. he was the most eminent figure in Indian history to be followed. An worrier but Dharmic, An lover but an scholar and most important An husband but An king of Ayodhya.
Again This movies reflect an dharmic kingdom where righteous own the throne without having discrimination and in few place shown an tradition where king visit his kingdom in Hidden.  Bahubali, will be an epic and remember as one of the greatest movies given by Indian cinema to world.
My favorite Dialogue was
This is my word, and my word is administration- Bahubali 2   
Indian society was once so lean towards their words that Panchayat runs with justice based on words. Being truthful for their words and dharmic in their hearts once philosophy of every Indian instead of being mind slave of white and corrupt.
I would like to suggest every Indian or every Human to watch this movies to have a minute glance of Dharma. Its entertaining, full of action and Most important its shows the glimpse of dharma in ancient days which is not being conduct by Indians now these days.