Loop Holes in Modern Value System

Loop Holes in Modern Moral Value system

As a part of large diverse society,  I have seen moral value getting changes from one state to another.  Goa may be found a lady in jeans not offensive but in some old village they been seen as bad women.  Through out the history human moral is subjected to their religion and culture.  Eventually modified with time and constantly evolve as per hours of need.  Now,  when modern moral value system being created by liberals in Europe (early era of movement against church), their theme was gender equality,  justice and opportunity. 
Current modern value system is much influence by many civilisation who came close together through colonial rule and trade.  They had been stayed for while and exchange many moral values,  European and British of that era fused eastern and modern moral values and crafted current western modern values (which is not true).,
Now current moral value system degrade when they recognized few sect of society is more suppressed than others.  They started to treat these sect more seriously than others which broke the very idea of equality.  Women who had been killed for witchcraft,  used as slaves in Europe and Middle East empowered this chance and started to fight against regressive value system. British tried to imply same idea of value system in India who never treated women regressive but surely different than men in Shakti.  But they never killed them for witchcraft,  never thought she cannot rule and run an family.  Women been treated partial in few section but mostly get chance in pre mugal era.  British implication of their modern value system in India,  shaded all cultural gurukuls who were foundation of social morality.  After destroying the gurukuls,  Indian happily excreted the white men narrative of regressive society and we came to this day,  when every other day women being rape. 
Now,  why modern value system is biased and lose its early esteem. 
Modern value system talk about justice,  equality, opportunity,  fundamental rights,  freedom of speech but these all are limited to few elite intellectual who wanted to run the narrative for people across the world. Yes,  in India we have everything justice divide in by poor and rich or special court itself not enquired for their mountain  pending cases. We have Justice based on majority and minority (whomever suit political vote bank).  We have opportunity which is segregated based on birth (jati),  we have education,  jobs everything divided and segregated based on birth base system. (ironically,  Indian caste system sponsored by its secular government under garb of social customs and old scripture without even having any evidence except social racism which still exist amongst state and people ). 
We have fundamental rights which can be bypass by personal laws,  we have freedom of speech which is limited to elites,  western brainwashed intellect,  celeb,  communist. Anyone who says anything against their crafted narrative and moral system which is biased against people of India (people who hold the traditional and ancient narrative of India). 
Morals which teach freedom of speech and wear anything desired will abuse you if you chose to be nude/traditional.  Morals which says we should respect every customs and religion will change the narrative when it’s been instigate by western think tank.  
I do respect modern values when they come with change in society but I reject them when they lack mutual agreed contract of similar treatment with their idea.  Freedom of speech and clothing,  eating shall be respected only when these value itself can accept their shortcomings with time and not only restricted to tools of appeasement/propaganda. 
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