Being Secular In India

When #India was founded as a nation after oppression of British colonisation. India chose to be a nation which respect anyone who is part of this nation 5000 years old history. The reason behind for this notion is simply creating a welfare state for all irrespective of Religion, Cast, creed and language. Many dynamic leaders died for this notion of India. After such hard struggle of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, Sardar Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose and many unsung hero of Freedom fight, we received the pleasure of Freedom on Aug 15, 1947.

But The day of freedom comes with a partition which broke the very fundamental believe of every peace loving humanist that India will survive Religious intoxication. But Unfortunately, India fail to survive that intoxication and east or west Pakistan comes into existence through referendums done by Muslim league.

Indians accept their faith again, and move towards a creating a nation which can become example for world. Suddenly, after Nehru death surge of Intellectual insurgencies started , a distastefull disturbance based on Language, Dalit atrocities and Aryan Dravidian theory had been created by US think tank. Their this attempt was result of Pro Russian policy of India (under Nehru, Initially Congress was socialist and communist regime which never admittedl). Moreover, This insurgencies create disturbance during early 60s where this theory of Aryan Dravidian propogate and language riots been created.

Indian Congress manage to survive such issues and other issues by Puting emergency on India. Later Indira Gandhi decide to lift emergency which actually damaged to Congress Image. With Congress (R) and Congress (O), there is divide amongst Congress itself. Which turn to be many agitation in name of Dalits and other Religious riots. On other side, Indira create Khalistanis problems which now threatening to Indian national security. Indira bold decision on Khalistanis terrorist was good but create the first state Sponsor Riots. Later Other parties who broke from Congress has been exploite people in name of Cast, Muslims, Christians Vote Bank. These minorities appeasement plunge into Congress too deep that they still has that nurrative for winning the election. Congress manage to have peace with such breaking India forces through NGO and prostrate into appeasement in religion identity politics.
Here Congress broke the sacred vow to be secular. The only person who broke the linage of socialist from Congress was Narsimha Rao. He took charge against this appeasement politics but slowly side line by Congress think tanks. From 1984 Sikh riots to Kashmiri pundits exodus, from Shahbano case to Godhara train burn, from Babri to Bengal riots Congress continue to appease their policy of appeasement in name of minorities rights. They constantly target/Eradicate many Hindus guru who tried to do welfare in Dalit community with help of NGOs and Modern media nexus.

The real plan which Congress wanted to use against their opponents (specially BJP and RSS) was tagging them as “Terror Group” like US did with many Pro Muslims political parties in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libia. They hide many information about Samjhouta blast, Ishrat Jahan Case, Batla house Kand, Ajmer Blast but fuel Gujarat 2002 through common media channels and selective Journalism. They even declear that the Attack of 26/11 was RSS plan like Samjhouta blast.

#Secularisam is in India now a business like other modern values #HumanRights, #FreedomOfSpeech, #FreedomofExpression. These tools have been used by pseudo secular parties to target their opponents on basis of baseless communalism. Our judicial and Constitution structure is decayed that they failed to identify this fundamental problem of being baised in name of Secularism and Modern progress.

“Now we have Secularism which is more like #Sickularisam : a system which claim to be secular but survive on appeasement politics of minorities and religious identity politics.”