This is one of the blog which I was planning to wrote from many days but I think it’s best time to wrote this. West Bengal state govt has shown clear indication of appeasement politics which is dragging that state into direct hand in Jihadi element of Bengal desh.
West Bengal has four major district which has high majority of Muslims population :

Murshidabad (66.28%), Maldha(51.27%), Utter Dinapur (49.92%), Birbhum (37.06%).
Maldha and Birbhum has seen many Religious riots over last decade.
1. The name “Ramdhenu” is replaced by “Rongdhenu” by West Bengal Council for Higher education (WBCHE) because it’s upset Muslims as claimed.
Evidence: https://www.google.ae/amp/www.financialexpress.com/india-news/following-bangladesh-west-bengal-government-replaces-ram-name-from-the-bengali-word-for-rainbow/506824/lite/
2. The words “Ma, Baba, dada” is replaced by “Abba, Amma, bhaiya” which is also under schema of appeasement by Govt of Bengal.
Evidence: https://www.google.ae/amp/amp.ibtimes.co.in/west-bengal-communalised-imam-fatwa-excommunication-combines-islamised-textbooks-children-712227
How the Muslims appeasement quint justifyed this change of education as Hindu intolerance
West Bengal govt actually spend more money on madrasa than industrial spending for state. This shows clear symptoms of appeasement politics.
In another attempt she (CM of Bengal govt) promise to put more state tax money for serving Madrasa education in Bengal.
While International media suggest that State funded madrasa using money to help illegal migrants in India who wanted to burn Bengal and kill Hindus.
She also made an radical Muslims leader as chairperson of hindu temple.
She also get back lash for Muslims appeasement but she don’t care or state govt of Bengal dnt wanted to listen their criticism.
Hindus were ban to do sarswati Pooja in Malda and Murshidabad
A mentaly challange women raped in Malda Pooja pundal
Rape-murder at Malda puja pandal



I would like to stop it here because evidence are enormous but secular people of this state (west bengal) chose to shut their brain behind appeasement. West Bengal, Kerala and Kashmir at the edge of radicalization but intellectuals lobbies chose to keep mum on subject which goes against their nurrative of Secularism.
Disclaimer: anyone free to share, copy and paste into their wall for this message. We must see truth with honesty and without political affiliation.