Digestion of Hinduism in name of Love 

A new shocking video of a conversation between Hadiya and her father has came out by Times Now. Hadiya, previously known as Athira, is the girl whose marriage to Shafin Jahan was declared to be a case of Love Jihad by the Kerala high Court.
In the conversation Hadiya’a father is asking her to come back to her family, but the brainwashed girl is not ready to go back. In fact the girl is not even ready to meet her parents. The girl says she does not want to meet her father at any neutral place, and if her father wants to meet her she will only meet him at a Police station with police around. The radicalized girl does not want to go back to her Parents until and unless they convert to Islam. This is a very horrifying picture. Every Hindu, why only Hindu every non Muslim parent must sit down and think for a minute where are we heading to?
In a healthy society Love is never a wrong thing, a person of any caste, creed or religion can fall in love with any person, who too belongs to any caste, creed or religion. But what is this radicalization love? Where a daughter will only accept her parents if they convert to her religion? If religion is not a barrier in Love then from when religion became a barrier in the love of a father for his daughter?
Another similar video by Times Now has surfaced which proves how in the name of Love, young Kerala girls studying in Medical background are lured. They are slowly and steadily brainwashed by Islamic fundamentalists. The agenda of this so called Love is only to lure these girls and later transport them to Syria, use them as Medical assistants and later as sex slaves.
Is there only one kind of love? What kind of a love is it which breaks families? What kind of a love is it which shatters the love in between a daughter and her parents? Next time a non Muslim family finds that their daughter is becoming close to a Muslim friend, should their parents try to find out if that is Love or that is Love Jihad? Probably if they don’t do so, this love of their daughter/son towards an unknown person might turn their known daughter/son into an unknown person.

If Love knows no barriers then today all the non Muslim families must take a decision. That If tomorrow their daughter/son wants to get married to some Muslim boy/daughter, he/she should be allowed to practice his/her religion even after marriage. Only if the Muslim family agrees to this condition, only then the marriage should be allowed to take place.
Source: TimesNow

Source: staya vijayi.com