Why reservation can not solve the problem of cast in India??

Why reservation can not solve the problem of cast??

Reservation is a Problem not Solution.

The irony with young India was that, the founding father of this nation has some Myopic view on things which they seen through lenses of Western analogies. They simply think that the special privilege can help anyone to raise fast without infusing the struggle ethics into them. Ambedkar has done great Job to include privilege of Lower cast so in future they wouldn’t get suppressed by the system which supposed to be oppressive. He has done seriously a great job by giving rights to Dalits so he can save country to broke apart in name of cast and Creed. But his vison is Myopic to his experience of life (which is oppressive and he blame Hinduism mindlessly). He manifested all his experience into constitution to give rights to Dalits for 10 years after 1947. When he purpose that idea, Gandhi was not agree.

Gandhi prophecy

Gandhi position on this issue was not linear with Ambedkar. He simply disqualify that though by saying that,

 “foundation of this country can not be start on legalize birth base discrimination on rights and opportunity, in later stage it will become tools of appeasement and politics” (paraphrase)

Unfortunately, Gandhi was right. Gandhi prophecy become true when Indira been blackmailed by Dalits leader for “Continue this game of vote bank”,

in later stage Dalits and Muslims of India become a concreet vote bank which is been exploit by many parties and congress itself.
Reservation is simply an legalised birth base discrimination agaist  Common people (whom ancestor might be done something wrong hundreds of year ago but they being blame for that). I am not denying the fact that castism is exist but no govt has done anything to eradicate it except lip service.


But I believe in solution, here few suggestion.
1. Identify the district based on dalit population and their financial status. And marked them in three cat. Backward, moderate and urban.
2. All urban area shall be facilaited with only free education, moderate shall be given with Job and Educations only, and Backward shall be given house, education, free food, Jobs and protection also.
3. All Metro cities and Ultra urban cities shall be free from reservation based on caste but given based on economical conditions.
4. All Dalits and Backward minorities shall be migrated in hygienic and good place if they lack home and help shall be reach their home.
5. All kind of reservation in Higher, professional research shall be scarped.
6. Any Dalits with one govt job (good position one ) shall subjected to scraping of  reservation to his child.
This is my few suggestion.