Why Should Hindu Parents need to Teach about Hinduism to their children’s? 

#Why_Should_Hindu_Parents_need_to_Teach_Hinduism_to_their_children . 
1) #Reduce_Superstition: it’s painful for me to see people lined up out of Temple for pooja and giving exchange offer to God. It’s more painful when any child ask to me that “Will his future will be bright if he wear this, chant that, visit here and worship some specific deities” . I have seen women going to dead bodies graves (Majar ) including my relatives whom I told that this is stupidity but still they are delused about the concept of God in Hinduism.
I believe that if Hindu Parents teach their children Hinduism based on some centric ideas like #Karma, #Purusharth, #Yoga, #Dhayan, #social_service which is constant in all around India. It will reduced superstition. The very teaching of Karma and Yoga will help children to understand that why shouldn’t they dnt need this “excesive worships, tantrik, Babas , motivational gurus”. They will learn concept of Purusharth which explain what is the diff bw earning and #righteous_earning, diff bw living and #righteous_living. The very concept of Vedas and Upnishad deep philosophy will help them to learn why they dnt need to go for Peer and Fakir.
Even, they will learn the very idea of Temple is made for Darshan and Community help. I believe that rightful knowledge of Vedas, Upnishad and Shastra will help children to understand the deep route of Our philosophy.
I am not happy with puranas because of their ultra treatment to brahmins  but happy for Itihaas like  Ramayana and Mahabharat which teach the very concept of kindness and courage .


I have  read many types of Ramayana and  found this is best book more than that.
2) #Saving_Child_from_Guilt_Trip: it’s start with when I ask my  relative  (a 10th class girl ) that “Why she feel she is Hindu?” Initially she was confused but later she told me that she actually dnt know why she is Hindu.
This is where I find Hindu parenting have problem. Hindus lives in identity crises, they dnt know the exact philosophy of Hinduism , neither they know how to deal with uncomfortable questions? One of my Hindu devotee friend almost feel uneasy when I asked simple question like “Why naga Babas roaming around nude in society?”
He simply dnt have answer for that because he lack the knowledge of Sanyasha or Nirvana. I know in our society there are people who are devotee and they love to do bhakti, but their knowledge about Dharma is very low & diluting that any small confertation from Sharpe minded missionaries can demolish their argument and ideology or drag them into the guilt by attaching Hinduism with primitive religions.
I have seen many educated hindus rejecting the Hinduism on ground of primitiveness. Irony is that they are not aware of very basic philosophy like Davita, advita, agama, Skta, vedas , vedanta.

Parents can save them for this guilt of ignorance.

3) #Identity_Crises: An educated to illtrate muslims and Christen know about their identity very well, they know what they worship, from where jesus philosophy come, they know what is reason and logic behind rituals, their ideas about how to live life is clear (no matter how much regressive it is). But did hindus have any knowledge about their history? Did they know who they worship and why? Did they know meaning behind rituals and cultural image of Hinduism? Did they know what  Vedas, Upnishad and Itihas teach? Might be few of them know but many of them is blind in this area. This void of knowledge leads to people creating more regional identity than a single and streanghtful identity. This void filled with crises amongst hindus and this can not be eradicate by chanting and doing pooja till the time we dnt have atleast centralise System for Identity formation and knowledge.
This identity crises used by Jihadi to convert hindus girls, missionaries who are facing crises of faith in west. They simply used this crises and anxiety or filled with this horseshit for which they are trained. That’s why this identity crises must be fulfilled by Parents and priest in societies for now.
4) #Easy_Victim_of_Western_Universlaim:
Term “#Western_Universlaim” defined the world view created by west for all over world, superficially it’s look secular, scientific and humanity basis but it’s has deep tentes of Christianity. Now my problem is that Hindus are most easy victim of This Universlaim. You will never find any muslims to saying “#Oh_my_God”, “#Rest_in_Peace”, “#Holy_Cow”, or a Christen “Ya #Khuda” “#Mashallah” “#Alhamdulillah” “#Janab” bla bla. Many can find that there is no problem into that they both are very diff culture but problem raise when hindu started to saying all these words as a part of their culture. Celebrating Christmas, Eid ….No problem till it’s only a community harmony programme but at personal level it’s “Cultural Digestion” . Slowly Western Universlaim eating Indian Culture in name of Globalization, Cultural harmony but when their turn come to repay this, they simply refused to digested because of their strong identity and knowledge about their tradition and culture. While an cultural hindu get digested by these force. Slowly the idea of nuclear family, Old age Homes, Charity through money, High Consumerism, Ultra Feminazi and rat race to become west is increase. This simple race is exchange offer in which you are selling your identity to them because you have week identity. You are expecting that you are inferior race. I am asure with this rate one day Hinduism will become “Meusum Culture” like Roman, Vikings, Mayans, Greeks. A vast civilisation is get digested into Western Universlaim or only know for few festival which with the time will become more Christen less hindus.
This digestion could be save if patents teach identity to child.

PS: My only request to people is that “#DontThink that #BeingDifferent is #Crime” 
#HavingProud on your identity is #Communalism. #BeingHinduIsNotSin.