Book Review: Parallel World by Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku – A new age of Guru of Science for Non cosmological people around the world

Being a Science student, I have always love for Physics and Cosmology, Although I am not very good with equations and Mathematics (**Still I am an electrical engineer 😉 ). This my third book of Kaku which is more fascinating and interesting than others. Kaku’s book always have charm to dilute you with history of Science and Technological evolution. Kaku’s book remind me one famous line of my state:

“Books are not only summarization of knowledge but its a whole journey of a human, his experience and his wisdom. So never waste your time to do anything else except gasping wisdom from world most enlighten people [around the world]”

Well, Moreover Kaku has started his journey with as usual legend of Physics : Einstein and Isaac Newton. These prime bacon of science is almost starting point of everything. Kaku’s explain Gravity and their relation with other cosmic bodies in solar system. What more passionate me !!
Kaku describe these complex theories (Quantum Entanglement, GUT symmetry, Quantum paradox’s) like a teacher to laymen. The very important part of the book is writing style. its not book for a science graduate, not for a physicist or anyone who is nerd. This is for everyone who is little bit open the box. Kaku’s explanation about creation of universe through big bang, and how even big bang (its funny name taken due to criticism of this theory) has named which was initially very shameful in science community.

In Part One, Kaku explain how the question of universe actually arise. One Incident of Apple fall in Newton garden to Einstein jobs as a clerk of patent house turns their life. How the imagination of these two powerful men create human history in very different point of view. Humans have always dream about heaven beyond the star, but Einstein create heaven on paper for them. But jolt of Quantum mechanics and evolution of quantum paradox shake him hard. His theory of General relativity suits in macro world. but its almost fail in micro world. New research on area of quantum mechanics given him more jolt and one day he died in dream of single theory for this universe. Known as “Theory of Everything”.