Chatur-Niyam (Fourth rule) and Fate of Religious Ideologies.

This is an interesting observation made by me during my studies of various religious texts. I have summarised few interesting calculation based on events and minute effect of Chaturvarna rule.

1. Chaturvarna Rule?

Four (chatur) is one of the miracle numbers of Hinduism. it is mentioned in various theory and ideas of Hinduism. For Example:

  1. Vedas mention Chatur (Four) Varnas. – Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Sudra.
  2. Puranas mentioned about Chatur (Four) Yugas.- Satyug, Treta, Dwapar, and Kal-yug.
  3. Swastic has four extended arms from the center. One follow to others.
  4. Hindu social system has Chatur ashrama- Bal, Grashath, Vanaprastha, and sanyasi Asharam.
  5. Nos of Vedas are Fours.

There are many examples where Hindu scripture shows these term “Chatur” has very importance in nature.

2. Relation of Mahayuga and Religious Ideology:- 

Definition: Mahayuga is the combination of Four yugas which is decayed in the ratio of 4:3:2:1. Lenght of these yugas will be decayed in the same ratio.

Now let’s understand what is the ratio of Chatur works in term of civilization and rise and fall.

4:3:2:1 is for decaying of a Mahayuga and fall of civilization/Satvik guna. while 1:2:3:4 in term of the rise of consciousness. I am applying this ratio of decaying of Mahayuga into the timeline of rising and fall of ideologies.

The years of First Vedas is most accepted as 1500 BCE. The time this civilization survive is (1500 BCE- 2017 CE) is 3571 years. While the rise of Christ is 1 AD to 2017 AD which is almost 2017 years. The rise of Islam has been taken place 1439 years before from current years. Again, Rise of Scientific awareness and So called New World order has happened 500 years ago approx. Now I will fill these ages of survival into the decaying pattern of a Mahayuga.

3571:2017:1439:1 = 4:3:2:1
(Survial of each ideology = Decay rate of a Mahyayuga)

When we divide each ratio of Yuga with current years of survival of that ideology. We get numbers like:

892:672:719:500 (approx), if we closely monitor that these are the years in which whole civilizations flourished under religious rule. example:
From 1AD to 892 AD- Indian Civilisation.
From 1 AD to 672 AD – Roman and other civilization.
From 639 AD to 1350 AD – Islamic Civilisation.
From 1500 AD to 2017- Scientific civilisation.

3. Calculation of years of Transformation from One ideology to another.

if we closely calculate that, we will find that if we subtract the nos of years in which civilization flourished from each other. We will get approx nos of years in which a religion is formed.

Let’s take Nos of years Indian civilization flourished – Nos of years Catholic flourished (892-672) = 220 years. That is the approx years in which legend of Christ being formed and spread from Armenia to Roam. This exact year the basic foundation of Christianity is formed and ready to spread.

Now let’s took the example of rising of Islam:
Nos of years Christianity flourished – Nos of years Islam flourished. 
(672-719) = 47 Years. In only 47 years Islam raises and formed as the organized religion which is almost approx to Prophet life. 
Now if we took this to current age which shows that flourishing of Islam – Scientific growth than it will be 219 years.

That’s is the total ages when ideas flourished all around the world, invention happened and application on this invention grow exponentially.

4. Future of Religious ideology and fate of Humanity.

This is a very interesting section for people who wanted to know what will happen next. If I will extend my calculation to further, then according to all dharmic texts the next stage after fourth is define as “Incarnation Level”.

Let’s start it with Interesting Question:-

What will be next stage?

As per theory of Yig yang, Cycle of Dharma, Chaturvarna niyam the next stage will be enlightenment stage, In this stage, we will again reach to “Satyuga” or “Rational and Scientific age” as per Age of Aquarius. The ideology of people will be utmost pure and rational. Hence, the next age is real age of science and rationales where there will be no God but God like People.

When does this age start? 

If I used the same calculation than

Age of flourishing of scientific age – Flourishing Age of Indian civilization (500-892) = 392 years. From current years this age will come at the Years 2409 when Maximum people of this world would be rational and Sativik in nature. The age will grow each passing years to reach up to its maturity. Till that time world will face debates, bloodshed, rise and fall of nations, ideology and faiths.

What will happen with Dharma and Religion?

This New age will be the death warrant for all organized religion because they already denied to change and transform themselves from their core. They will not vanish fully but shrank to a hole. Monotheistic religion will face the decay of religion which has been faced by Dharma in last 1000 years. While Dharma will shed its current shell and reincarnate as “New World Order” where people will be peaceful, rational and less religious.

Post Script:

I believe that its a good news for the people who always fear that this world is going to vanish by some World War 3 or religious extremism. The cycle of Dharma is already moving towards the age of reason and rationality, the age of peace and inner engineering. I believe that The Monotheistic judgment days is near (as they always preach) but it’s not like what they think. This judgment day will teach us that all brutal ruler and civilization, all ideology and irrationality will die soon. All religious monopoly will shrink to dust and raise of Dharma will again make this world peaceful and happy. This world will see “A new World Order” or “Age of Reason and Peace”

Surender Negi