William Jhon and Characterisation of Bible race science in Indian Social System.



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Book of Genesis is primarily texts which is consider as creation book in Bible. The prophet of Genesis is Mosa or Moses. This book consider that all races has been originate like family tree and Adam and Eve were primers for this tree.

Aristotle “Map of Civilization” has been merged into Bible race science in which sure White people was put on top. Year 1780 – 1850its become prime principle of imperialism in which they defined Africans and Indians.

Many Indologist Justifyed that Race science based on biblical myth, few of them was max Mullar, William John, Bryan howton, Bishop Robert Caldwell.

John William use this structural as a map for language evolution. He actually formulate the Language evolution based on biblical race theory. He famously says Sanskrit was too ancient but still part of Indo Europe language which means he indirectly undermine Sanskrit and snatch the title of individual Language. John William create an social and language map acc to which Indians were sons of Ham, Arab was sons of Shem, and European was sons of Jefath.

He also declear that Sanskrit texts has co relation with Bible. Like he co relate Hindu deity Ram with Bible Rama and Rama son “kush” to Ham grandsons “Kusha”. He actually tried to co relates few words which has common sounds in European and Sanskrit. He spend so much time to relate Indian text and Bible that finally he created an myth that India is also part of biblical history.

In this logic he relate Adam with Manu, he started to search Vishnu first three incarnation (fish, turtle and varah) into Noah story of Water catastrophic. He claimed that Noah was manu. He told that story of manu with seven sages is story of Noah with eight human being.

He also relate Bible Namrood with Vishnu fourth incarnation Narsimha. He connect it with dynasty of Ham.

All stories which was not matched with bible, they have been broken and settled into biblical myths to conceive European that Indians were son of Ham.

Scholar like JHON declear that all stories which is not fit according to biblical terminology is simply myths (which now these days used as alot as mythology). Than max Mullar decide an date when he declear that Aryans (Europeans) attack sons of Ham (indigenous people of India) and give them Vedas and Culture. He also blame Indigenous people for mixing race and cast into that.

John also state that all Hindus Gods were actually co relate with pagan of Europe and all these civilization was sons of Ham who become idol worshiper because of their decayed and sinful nature.

Scholar of Indian Christianity Rasia S SugirathaRaja state that how JHON Willam used biblical myths and Seattle them with Indian culture to create Indian indigenous Christianity.

SugirathaRaja wrote :

“For strengthening Christianity John’s simply create an Map which is based on their imperical rules around the world. He reject long Indian history which is not fitted to his idea of Bible race science. He simply start everything by Genesis, any indian historical claim and scripture beyond Genesis date either rejected or modified to fit into Bible .

John was so assure that Christianity is true religion and hindu trinity is actually a sinful or decay version of Christ Trinity. He was assure that European was too superior in culture and civilization and Asian was just kid into civilization. Jhons has great bitterness to Indians he state that

“Indians are Charmed and stupid, who consider Christ freedom as cursh. If someone will give them this Religious true they will decline it by considering it poisonous “

Troutman shows how jhons actually modified Bible and Indian scripture to fit into his concept:

Example: in 1794, JHON is well known for his interpretation for Manusmriti. Still he was aware of that cast system of manusmriti is actually an deformation of original version. But it helps him to sattle down the race science of Bible into Indian scripture. He used it for framing his assumption.


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