Hindu Phobia in Indian Intellectuals Mind


I would like to have an opportunity to talk about an important issue which is generally ignore due to many problems in India. But this problem is mother of all Problem.


During a debate I came accross a claimed socialist or Liberal who declear that “Santana dharma is full of bloodshed and Rama killed Vanwashi (Ashur in original text) and Deva kill ashura is example of history of Violence in ancient India (paraphrase).” (Image attached)

I was shocked because that person is highly educated and actually run education institutions. I was forced to wrote that post because this question bother me that how an educated person like him can use an metaphoric example to claimed Violence in ancient dhamra without even actually studying texts and scholarly knowledge .

What impression he would left on hindu children who are proud Hindu and love to enjoy Hindusim as their religion. Wouldn’t it will be unjustice for children if the person whom they think their guide has enormous hate / phobia for their Religion without any concrete evidence. I wrote this post to enlighten about a problem which mostly swap under carpetes by Hindu parents or traditional intellectuals in India.


India as a nation or Santana dharma as a religion has walk through a long journey which is almost 5000 years old. From a verbal tradition to Modern society. It has all phases which can religion have. From days of glory to destruction. From days rule to Slavery or later crumbles of dharma remains.

But the biggest tragedy happen with dharma and India under colonial rule of British and europe. People of Europe and Britash was so smart that they wanted to rule the other Civilization by studying about them. They open new branches of Social science like #Anthrapology and #Indology which combinedly revolve around the society and their interpretation in Biblical sense. Read my post about that : How Bible create racial cast for African and Indians?

These branches studies by early indologist who interpret Hindu scripture acc to their colonial use. Example Jhon william, Max Mullar , Robert Caldwell etc. These people had focused to create an society who should be white from brain but Indian by skin. This project start from 1850 ( Lord Risely) to 2017 (Sheldon Pollock).

This enormous group of elite has control over interpretation of hindu scripture and their meanings. Wendy doniger played an important role to frame Hindu Society into sexiest society by using Freudian physical analysis. These people trained Indian media and Indian post colonial scholar in such a way that they feel that their dhamra was primitive. They used the theory of Invadors like aaryan invasion (same they used for Native American, Tamils in sri Lanka and Hutus in Rawanda).

These theory craete an oppressor and victim by misinterpreted the texts. Indian Intellectuals through media and books or Colonial school learn things which never exist and mean to.

Communist control over Indian institute raise many people who has inferiority complex and blindly adopt west without doing purva paksha (an ancient method to study other side pros and cons). These people without having knowledge or authorities claimed that Santana dharma was violent because their gaze to see dharma is western.

Example: Acc to them Rama killed Vanwashi that’s why Dharma is about Violence but when its comes to Ram temple …same ram become metaphore or myths. Now how myths decide that what is the culture that time. Rama never killed Vanwashi and answer lies in Ramayana.. Rama had fight with -Ravana who was the son of prominent brahaman. He did an Pooja for getting rid off from Brahmin Hataya. How Vanwashi enter this nurrative?

Second example: it’s claim that Deva killed ashura. But the theology of dharma said in eye of Trinity Ashur and Sur was same. Entitled to have same life and Vardana. Deva never interpretated as being in traditional texts they were positive forces vs negative forces. In many case Ashura been worship by Deva itself ex. Prahlad, Mahabali, -Ravana etc. Why not these elite use other gaze to define this fight.

Theird example is Mahabharata, I know how this transfer in Indian mind. Wendy doniger called in one Philadelphia Congress that #BhagwatGita is #Dishonest Book because it’s promote Mahabharata. While Mahabharata about War.

This is the most recent and utter misconception, Mahabharata was simply about the right full way of having life. Mahabharata teach that how human must struggle in case someone try to occur the rights you deserve. In name of extreme non Violence you will destroy dharma. Sure this book debunk the pessimistic approach of Buddhism and Jainism which was the reason Adi Shankaracharya debate with Buddhist scholar and win almost all debate telling that without earthly karma none of can achieve peace. For peace a person must need to be karmic in nature.


This post is not for defaming and demeaning anyone. This post is simply pointing an Hinduphobia which exist in elite class mind (while other side they propogate islamophobia) they themselves victim of Hinduphobia and hate towards Hindus.