Dharmic Nation Sutra

Disclaimer: I had written almost ten blogs related to the idea of Dharmic nation two years ago which unfortunately all of them misplaced by me. (As my old blog site deactivated). But today I am writing this short note based on the question asked me by one of my friend.

“How the concepts of Dharmic Nation work in Reality?”(Paraphrased)

Well, To answer this question. I would like to hypothesize a foundation state which I would like to frame into the current model of Nation-state and elaborate their pros and cons.

As a Sutradhar, I am not claiming that it is originally my idea. But I am saying that this idea is based on what actually dharma purposed. Moreover, it’s an open architecture where people can suggest their ideas into this theory.


“Dharma” always refers to “Righteous way” but I would like to change Dharma here with word “Balance” or more appropriately “Balance Righteous way”. So what would be “Dharmic Nation”. Well, before jumping to the idea of Dharmic nation. I would like to clear few things which made the foundation of this ideal State. Any state has Five pillars (it’s an approx. assumption because I am not expert on this subject):-

1. Administration Procedure and responsibility

2. Civil and Criminal Laws

3. Citizen and Administrative Duty and Responsibility

4. Education and Social Engineering

5. Nation Grand narrative (Civilization worldview)

I am taking reference from books like “Clash of civilization” and “The end of history and the last men” which actually hypothesized that how nation-state will disappear and the world has to take one single worldview.

Worldview is defined as

“Understanding of universe based on the same idea. Let it be scientific but there is religious and social worldview of Hell, heaven, God, Holy book etc. So Dharmic nation has his own worldview in which it sees society and universe.

1. Administration Procedure and Responsibility

The administration would be dependent on the group of intellectuals (Call them Raj gurus for the sake of understanding). The Administration would have limited power of implementing rules like projects for states, Charity, Control on partial armies and police. While the large set of financial responsibility shall be shared between Raj gurus and administration. Two things must be checked :- Face of administration should be any leader but the vital decision shall be made by mutual agreement with apolitical, power deprived individuals (raj gurus) who must be highly influenced by Nation Dharmic Grand narrative.

Dharmic raj gurus should be abolished to have material wealth and possession of any properties. Any Raj guru who has been found guilty accused of possession wealth and property should be removed from power while administration leader which decline the raj gurus mutual shared agreement shall be removed from power. DharmaSastras shall be the guided texts which shall be controlled by a remote, non-materialistic, intellectual sages who shall be tested for their honesty for enough years (might be whole life to check authentication).

Question: What would Guide administrator to make a decision?

It should be three level approvals, first, the raj gurus shall be taken in confidence to make a proper decision, then dharmasastras shall be taken into account and the public shall be taken into the circle of the decision. Now, the question arises that what would if anyone of them denied for some reason. Than a time-limited debate shall be started and any result which is not fruitful shall be considered as silent acceptance.

Example of Such administration: Story of Lord Rama Exile

When the decision was made by Lord Rama to be in exile. He used this three layers design tactics to justify his position to accept exile. Lord Rama first tries to convince the King Dasaratha that this exile has mutual benefit to him because he will learn state affairs which is beyond kingdom reach. Then he convinced raj guru vashistha that as per Dharmasastras “A promise cannot be broken, even in the cost of living”, at last, he convinces public that his exile is very needed of time but as usual public blind affection to him made him take the hard step to move forward at night.

2. Civil and Criminal Laws

Again, the very idea of the nation defined by how civil and criminal laws implemented into the state. In Hinduism, there are many sastras which talk about civil and criminal punishment. Few of them four social structure based and few of them based on unparalleled equality.

If I have to choose I would like to choose the middle path. Extreme equality and extreme structure based laws are too dangerous. I would like to mix here socialism with communism where civil laws must be based on dharma while criminal laws based on secular cum extremist. I am very much fond of an idea that these laws shall not be implemented on society blindly but there should be a deep down training program to teach children these laws from very early ages. What would be the laws will be a separate issue but I believe that if we want a happy society we must use the most venerable ages to teach children about Civic sense, Grand Narrative, and Social Morality Strongly. My idea that it should be Dharmic:-

Gender Equality, Mutual respect for all kind of beings (Natural and Social Animals), debatable attitude, progressive and Last Narrative of natural harmony.

3. Citizen and Administrative Duty and Responsibility

I would like to confined that “Duty and responsibility are two sides of the same coin”. No state can be flourished if “People of that society only chose to free biased or they are only highly obedient”. I think this is every citizen duty to prevent their environment, social structure, week and Right Consciousness (Dharma). Citizen duty is to respect the social and administrative order and follow it without fail while Administration duty is making laws which can be followed by people and directed towards their growth and environment. in the conflict with environment and human growth, Human growth shall be recheck and given alternative where nature should not affect. The fundamental duty of citizen can be defined as:-

1. Protection of nature and animals

2. Protection of week and deprived in society

3. Protection of others freedom and ideas

4. Protection of grand narrative and social rule

5. Protection of administrative rule and natural laws.

4.Education and Social Engineering

What would be the education? Religious and Scientific.

Well, I chose to be that religion and science shall be taught separately as the enemy. I would like them to teach together under one roof without having superiority. Science should be as harsh as it can be on the Dharmic concept while let dharma will be harsh as much as on science. I believe that Science and Dharma is two force which is churning the oceans of society, sometimes it’s produced “Halahal” and sometimes its “Amrit”. I want that these churning never stopped and any idea which is failed to accommodate rationality and logic abolished without hue and cry. I want that science also leave their blind stance of the superiority of evidence.

Social engineering or Grooming of Society shall be done of four basic principles of Dharma- Karma, Gyan, Moksha, and Purusartha.

Society should be Karmic- There should be no place for divine intervention, no place of magic and prophet and avatars. There should be no place of “One true God”. That society should value a person based on his action rather than his attire. while Gyan (Knowledge) shall be the second virtue in the society where people with knowledge is regarded by people but still they would be check and criticized by any amount of people. They should be freed from questioning because of their attire in society. Purusartha (Human efforts towards good society) shall be regarded another high aspect of life where any social reformer at any level shall be praised utmost.

The ideal society will be where “Self-consciousness of people will not allow them to do any kind of crime (physical and mental) irrespective of hardship they attend in their life”.

5. Nation Grand narrative (Civilization worldview)

Nation Grand narrative shall be based on Truth. In India, we have the habit of living in delusion. we have the narrative of a nation which is to dilute and don’t regards the beautiful society which exists before Mughals. The golden age of India was highly plural and complex. Debate and respect was an ethic of people of the street. The Nation Grand Narrative shall be based on truth. Its shall include the history of ancient India which is left behind by leftist because they are Hindu phobic. Now question is that which historian done justice to this grand narrative: R C majumadar has written various volumes of ancient India from Vedic ages to Freedom of modern state of India. I would prefer his idea as Grand Narrative where neither Hindus shown as Kaffirs nor Muslims shown as invader.

PS: This blog is purely an idea of “Dharmic state”. Its only argues on merit based on my understanding of dharma. This blog itself is clouded vision due to my incapability’s of subject like “Dharma and Hinduism” but still its sutra (formula) which is basic and need various modification from scholars.