Book Review: The Curse of Brahma By Jagmohan S. Bhanver

Rating: 3/5

Pages: 358

“The curse of Brahma” retelling the story of Lord krishana arrival on earth is fiction story contemperary to “Bhagwat Puran”. Story start with an fictional ceremony where “kalnemi” performing an yagna to become brahmarishi but due to some reason his guru “Lord bharma” curse him to rattle around the hell.

His revange started to took plot with “Evil Guru Shukracharya” who also want to take revenge from people of earth and Devatas. Its like “Clash of titans” where titans and Gods fight for the temple of olympus. Here Lord Vishnu- The protector of universes incranate himself into Devaki so he can get rid off from “Kansa- A human who have been traped by kalanemi” for tooking revange from Devatas. This whole noval explain a dramtic enternace of Kansa, Marriage of Devaki with vasudeva and attack on Devaki after knowing the vishnu plane of incarnation by Kalnemi.

Jag Mohan did well to include technology into fiction, so it look like fusion of Modern Technology and mythology. The very idea of being incarnate through gene tablet, mechanical armas tooks you in plance where science has become weapon of Gods.

I would appriciate the tone of noval which hold you till the end. But I would be honest that it took me 20 days to finsh becasue of my busy schedule of work. I would also like to appricate writer for his relentless description about devils, archology of palace and geography of ancient India.

At last a great tour da force for Krishana Lover.