Hindus: Ultra Religious Iconism and Fregementated Individualsim

Hindus as race and Hinduism as culture has been growing and decaying since ages. Every Hindu is proud of their survival from world hardest expansion wave in India. Cultural wars and colonial waves which eradicate many civilisations, cultures and languages in last 2000 years, had average effect on Hindus life and their identity. Being a Hindu, I feel that it’s not only matter of proud but luck also that we had saved such brutal ways where many nations has lost their native identity. America before colonisation of Europe and British was land of native americans which brutally eradicate by colonial forces for serving the greed of european expansion. Iran, Iraq, Egypt. Middle east, Pakistan, Bangladesh all have been washed with wave of Islamic spread through crusaders. Russia, Philippians and Korea (south) is under transition of Christianisation with patronage of various churches and organisation which is funding for spread of Christ belief. 

I still wonder few nation, like China, India, Japan and few far east nation has survived these brutal waves of cultural wars and colonial expansion but what change they actually get after years of slavery. Recently, Indians special Hindus are very much inclined towards fragmented individualism and ultra religious iconism.

Let’s have the understanding of these terms for in case of Hindus in current reshuffling of mind about society and Dharma.

Iconism – The formation of a figure, representation, or semblance; a delineation or description.

Hindus Pilgrimage doing Khuma Bath

Hindus suffers from highly religious iconism where everything around them has symbols and meaning but their ignorance about iconic metaphors turn them ritualistic maniac with no real term productivity. I have seen Hindus who have been going to temple blindly, doing various fast and relying of fate without understanding that Hinduism as religion clearly reject the “Miracle base result” based on “Theroy of Karma” . Hindus ideas of ritualistic following the rituals without even understanding the purpose of rituals is commonly seen. The wave of islamic expansion and british colonisation has made them blind believers of the colonial mind syndrome. Where they need approval of an outsider to consider it facts. Hindus blind ritualistic behaviours allowing them to worship the icons which is actually against the Vedic philosophy. 

In recent effect, we have seen that there has been many fake baba’s and sprouted which preach unintelligible knowledge about hinduism and it’s philosophy. Such Baba’s took law in their hand and become bad rock of society. Their blind followers burn national properties for them while these Hindu babas enjoy their wealth and criminal activity under garb of faith.

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Fragmented individualism is another wide spread symptoms of Hindus where hindus are too disconnected with each other that collectively as a society they failed to achieved anything. Hindus simply become too selfish that they are unable to see larger picture in front of their minute greed. “Fragmented individual Society ” is defined as 

A society which become two selfish and fragmented that collectively they achieved nothing except long-lasting debate. These kind of society become pessimistic in nature and pacifist in action. 

Hindus are being Isolated from their self in Illussion of westernisation. West has been succussful in propgating that being modernised is synonyms of being western.

Hindus society simply being digested under western framework where their idea of self and collective as society being challenged by Networked Individualism. Hindus being so self-centered that old age system of combined families being destroyed under personal space. In ancient times, security, justice and social framework have been dependent on family, society and cultural values which now being shifted to state and state policies. When state providing them security, social structure being broken into further segmentation. Joint families turning nuclear families, neighborhoods becoming dispersed networks, Face-to-Face interaction turning computer mediated communication and hierarchies turning matrix management. These kind of technological implementation driving human touch out of life and society is becoming more and more techno sensitive than human sensitive. Hindus as highly iconic religious structure, absorbing these fragmentation unchecked. This kind of unchecked social change actually causing more damage to Hindus as collective societies.

What should be done to have balance modernisation?

As Hindu, I am aware that cradles of technology is unavoidable and unwarranted. One side technology and social melting has power to welded world peoples together while it has risk of extinction of identities and cultures. Hindus are almost edge of loosing identity due to various attack on them from thousand years. I have opinion that two things must be done by every individual Hindus:-

  1. Hindus need to understand that iconism of hinduism is just superficial identification of their culture or natural dharma. The deep down philosophy of Karma, Dharma, Purusartha and Moksha must be re-evaluate and re surfaced into common hindu life through institutionalised their philosophy and culture.
  2. Hindus must need to teach their next generation about collective good and collective society efforts. Hindus must need to teach children that things can be done and achieved beyond self centric behaviour. We need to teach them power of collective good and learning.

By- Chitra Sharma

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