Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown

Rating: 4/5

Dan Brown once replied on a question asked to him about “How much similar he feels when people compare him with Robert Langdon?” He simply replied that it’s not alike because Robert is much more courageous and adventuress than him. (paraphrase)

Dan Brown answer to Question (mention above).

I think, Dan is lying about that. I think he enjoy more than anyone and at least surf into excitement created by him for Robert Langdon. From the day, Dan discover this symbologist, this men (Tom hank) is on run to uncover world biggest discovery and conspiracy through his exceptional intelligence and photographic memory.

In this book also Robert never missed any chance to surprise readers with his sheer intelligence. I am the blind fan of Dan brown. His all books give me goosebumps whenever I read them. Ironically, my busy schedule left me thirsty each night for reading more and more. So, Robert try to answer humans most ancient questions through help of his friend Edmond Kirsch who ironically killed by a spanish admiral. From the point of utter shock of that killing, journey begins to know worlds most important question that can shook the whole world :-

From where we come? Where we go? – Origin, Dan Brown

Paul Gauguin – D’ou venons-nous [Image Credit: Wikipedia]

Dan Brown new journey is chase for the most philosophical questions of human existence. From primitive eras to till date, humans has spent their extensive energy for looking answer of their existance. Robert Langdonused is intellect to cracking the code which is part of unrealsing the discovery which only can give the answer of these question. Ambra Vidal [a hot and spicy independent women] added into plot to have grip on subject. Winston [Watson], an incredible AI helps Langdon to access information which can break the code and discover what is left behind the show made by that great futurist. Robert journey from Guggenheim Museum to Barcelona is filled with thrill. Chased by cult killer, misunderstood by world media, framed by spain highest authority and heavily emotional feeling for future queen of spain, Langdon journey pushed him into a trail of forty seven characters which can unreleased the discovery of Edmond Kirsch.

Robert langdon played by Tom Hank in The Davinci Code (movie) Source: Playbuzz

This particular password related to dead Futurist most loved poem. Artificial Intelligence, Winston help Langdon to unearth various bind bending situations. Akbar love for prince of Spain come to an end, when an conspiracy website started to expose link between Kirsch death and Palace of Spain. But most fearful way, Three most religious figure of world come under a death cult which guided Spanish admiral to kill Kirsch also killed two of them mercifully. This confusion that who is actually behind the stoping krisch presentation? What great discovery that Futurist and computer genius did which can threaten to Religous world? How krisch can answer the deep philosophical questions of  human history? From where we come? And where we go?.

Mind bending description of artifacts, most controversial church of Catholic history and Moreover an startling and amused presentation which based on scientific data’s by current scientist. A prediction which can change the way human think about themselves and the way they think about future will change for forever.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (Spain) –  Source Wikimedia

Dan Brown, way of thrilling his reader with complex art explanation and his passion for technology binds his reader till the end. His art of twisting the tale with uniqe tactics of woving the story around facts, art and technology is ever appreciating.

At last it’s an must read books for fan of thriller, mystery and technology.