Book Review: Immortal India- Articles and Speeches by Amish

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The very idea of India and Indian-ness belongs to an immortal civilization which shook the world in their early stage. The idea of being Immortal is beyond the “Kaal Chakra” (Time cycle) of universe and india has proved that this civilisation might have seen terminal downfall due to invasion of Islam and Colonisation of british and european but still that civilisation and nation has capacity to stand back.

Amish book beautifully portrayed the Idea of Immortal India which has been systematically targeted by Secular and religious extremist. Amish Explain what is “Dharma” in his unique way. For further explanation about the difference between religion and Dharma please go through below link:

Dharma Is Not The Same As Religion by Rajiv malhotra

Amish after writing the fiction based on Lord Shiva and Lord Ram, now enter the section of Non fiction. In this non fiction he coined a term which I liked Most i.e. Religious liberalism.

Religious liberalism in my way the idea of reforming faith with time so they can be easily become part of progressive society than road block. The idea of religious liberalism is based on Mutual respect and inclusion of liberal values into Dharma through revisiting the scriptural text and learning about them without marxist and communist biased.

Understanding the Dharma again the prospective of scripture than what people follow superficially.

Dharma is about chasing Sawdharma with righteous intenstion.- Amish

Amish explanation of cool god “Lord Shiva” and god who played by rule “Lord Ram” is batter explination to those who soul propose to attached these figures to misogyny and barbarism.

Amish Novel about Lord Shiva (credit:

Amish parted that book into four section which is History, Religion, Social Issue and Musing. Amish tried to answer most difficult question of hinduism and beautifully explain some myth which is being surfaced on Indian youth mind after independence of India. He took strong jibe on westerners who tried to digest Indian history through their western attitude. He denied that british done any good to India.

From man-made famine of winston Churchill to core hatred towards Hindus by many westerners intellectuals has been attacked by this vibrant writer. He explain how everything is not black and white as per western world view. How Truth been lied between extreme right and wrong. He given answer to the people who has been calling out name to Lord Ram as misogynist and Lord Shiva as person who drugged himself. His explanation shows that, Being God is not being supreme and ultra idol but a process which is more about looking inside to search the extreme righteous morality.

He took strong position for favour of LGBT Rights, Women empowerment, caste system and gave strong reply who wanted to connect it with Indian culture. he tried to explain that, how Ancient India was more liberal than current india. He simply reject the claim that Secular ivory tower can bring peace into the land of dharma. He shows the mirror to secular extremist who believe in Insult and abuse of Religion and dharma rather than healthy criticism.  In his section of indian history, he explain how India was rich with technology and science which slowely diluted by Communist and secular historian as Myth.

Amish power to explain Indian Philosophy along with his great stance on God make me proud that India has produce such great son who understand the pain and value of Mother India. India, as a nation was long routed to its culture and has great tendency to assimilate more culutre and religion without threatening them. But Dark chapter of Islamic invasion and British colonisiam has shook the route of this very nation. Theory like AIT (Aryan Invasion theory), AMT (Aryan Migration Theory), Dravidism has been created by Western Indologist for constant dividing india on his faultlines such as dalit and Dravadism.

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It is must read books for people who wanted to listen counter argument against Hinduphobia and India.



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