India Rejectors Vs India Glorifiers in India

A recent read of Immortal India of Amish tripathi put me around this blog which share a complex churning of two group which is holding the brain of youth of India. One of them is India rejectors which is massively infiltrated into intellectual arena, Media houses and Educational institutes. These people who reject the ancient idea of India is mostly people influenced by New age movements like “Marxism”, “Communism” & “Socialism”.

They bluntly reject the idea of ancient india. They are against of anything which can slightly glorified ancient India as a nation and civilisation. Their idea of india start after when british/european enter the sub continental and colonised them. The india rejectors groups has hatred towards the native civilisation & culture. They see them (Native culture & people) as primitive who were living like tribes and any single contribution is considered as push from west. I would like to call them Loyal comrades of West. These groups used Secularism and liberalism as tools to attack the tradition and culture. Moreover, their attack was full of phobia and insult towards the civilisation and culture rather than rational assessment. These kind of groups controlled by the aurora of superiority of knowledge, power and fail to understand the common people feeling. There attacks are based on poor access cultural perception and unmatched data which is being collect as atrocities literatures by west. Due to their control on media and gates of universities, the traditional intellectuals don’t get platform to explain or debate with these knights of secularism. This unbalance transition of knowledge or understanding create a national and civil guilt which captured the youth and made them inferior complex in front of Westerner who are well polished in their history and contribution to mankind.

I have written a blog which mentioned how Hindu Phobia in Indian Intellectuals Mind are settle deep down on every single front intellectual of Indian media. it’s mentioned the case where I found it shocking that how a litrate person (whom i know personally been brainwashed with post modernist misinterperation of text which is improperly describe). In another case, freedom of speech only confined to groups who are India rejectors while traditional scholar been treated partially in these circles of knowledge.

 ​Why freedom of speech is confined for many Indian scholar (traditional)?

Second issue is mention in that book is about India Glorifires. I would not says whole Right wing group is glorified India, but Ironically most of them are illiterate about the real achievement gain by ancient india in field of mathematics, Medical, astronomy and Geography. metallurgy and agriculture is well-developed field at time of India was known as Saptasindhu (Land of seven rivers). Irrespective of that, india glorifires claim wired claim which actually impossible. Some of them are:-

  1. India had nuclear weapons known as “Brahmastras”. These description comes from Mahabharata where Sage vyasa tried to define the after effect of Brahmastras. Some of them match with after effect of nuclear attack which cause this delusive perception.
  2. India had Vimanas which can fly for real. The great telling of Ramayana Pushpak Viman and Viman purans which is written in late 13 CE give strength to this myth that india had flying vehicle. It’s unlike to says that, Sage Valmiki might be the first one who think about flying object but it’s highly unlike to have such technology at the time of Ramayana have been written.
  3. Indian Sage and ancient technology been able to reach the Mars (another delusive claim).
  4. Indian ancient technology is able to create Somarasa/Amrita/Sanjivani (a drug which can relive dead) is another fictional claims made by Indian glorifiers.

Now what we need to understand, India as ancient civilisation was vast and innovative. They have various schools in east, west , north and south where medicine, metallurgy, ship buildings, cities, mathematics, philosophy and astronomy have been researched and studied. ironically, India glorifires pick up the verse from Purans and Ithihaas which they think as rational claim while it is not. India, without doubt was technical advance than any other civilisation of its time. There trade routes help them to transport technology and art from another civilisation and vice versa. But this doesn’t mean that India had neucler weapons. India was a dharmic state where philosophy and rationality go hand on hand.

Point to Ponder

Now, neither India glorifires are true nor India rejectors are true. The truth lies in between of them. India was a great civilisation with unmatched technology in various field along with world-class technology so are other civilisations. The age of darkness (Period when christianity and Islam spread ruining other civilisation) has create a massive gap of time and evidence which resulted the delusion about History of this great sub continent. People who are India rejectors lies due to their brainwashing from west and people who glorify India blindly are simple reaction to that irrational rejection. But none of them can see the realistic india where knowledge respected more than anything. where dharma raise above than any Avatar, Prophet, Religious books. Where people can achieve transedence state of “God” without being judge for their birth, colour, race and religion.

India is truly a Motherland of every civilisation & philosophy surface on earth.

A nation of Devas which has been under attack by western Danvas.

(Note: In Hinduism, Devas and Danvas are identified as Sons of Brahma (creator) which has opposite nature to move the Kala Chakra (Time cycle). No one defined as evil and good, but they defined as positive and negative energy which must control the universe one by one another wise balance of universe will fall).