Do I need to be fair to look beautiful?

This is Story of Color craziness of India.


In this society where the criteria of beauty has always been fair skin, I also fell a victim to it. Since childhood, I have been listening to endless suggestions and comments like “Use fair & lovely regularly”, “chandan facepack is good for skin tone like you”, “besan ka ubtan will make you fair without fail, use it daily”, “You should bleach your skin” and what not. I realised people can go to any level to look fairer without giving a second thought that it might affect their skin quality because of the harsh chemicals. All they want is a beautiful, fair, glowing girl. Even the matrimonial ads say “Seeking fair girl”. You will never find dark skinned poster babies. Pregnant ladies are advised to eat some particular foods to give birth to a fair child. 
Being a wheatish girl, I also had developed a feeling of inferiority complex from every single person who was fairer than…

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