When Women Stopped eating leftovers : A Picture Which Must Change

Being Indian, some news bring you shame. This kind of news are one of them. In 21st CE, Where whole world watch us with their understanding of this century shamed us for such gender discrimination.

In distance village of Rajasthan, Banswara.  Few NGO went and found that there is tradition for women. In this tradition, women eat after his male partner and family. eventually, NGO found that it is gender discrimination and they started to educated women groups. Ironically, Many part of India these kind of practice is social norms. These kind of practice have been unchanged in many decades. Many people saw them as regressive practice or culture which comes from Hinduism but for few of them it’s only outdated tradition which must be go as we live in 21st Century.  For Original article please go throw the below mention link:

When women stopped eating leftovers?

Irrespective of many argument that this behavior  comes from patriarchal culture of Indian society, I disagree with this notion. I don’t think so original and fundamental culture of India was male patriarchal in nature. All original scripture which has founded Hinduism agreed on one simple fact:

“Women should be worship like Goddess and Their respect brings Devas (deities) into home”. (Paraphrased from Manusmriti)

There is several example where we Indians celebrated the world most taboo things. Sex (Kamasutra is one of the celebrated book in Indian culture about sex) symbols and position. There is whole temple which is dedicated to sex and sexual posture. I don’t find that people were having about watching these images together.


Khajuraho images which shows various posture of sexual activities. (Source: The Wire)

So how can society which give sex (A widely accepted taboos in all Abrahamic religion) images a place in their temple has become such regressive that they were not allowing women to eat together. It simply baffled me.

More than half (51%) of all Indian women of reproductive age have anaemia, according to the Global Nutrition report 2017. While our women are not allowed to eat properly. This is shame for us. But as I was expecting, few reader who have novice understanding about everything had tried to link it with North Indian states, few consider that it’s fault of Hinduism and few consider that it’s due to our society which has regressive structure.

I would like to remind all Indians, It is our burden to remove such practices out of window and the real reason for such discrimination practice amongst women has nothing to do with Hinduism or It’s ancient culture. For understanding that women position in Indian society please go throw my blog:

Women In Hinduism – Part One

Women in Hinduism.(Wikipedia)

We must need to accept that after Mugal invasion (I am not blaming here Mugal but the patriarchy culture they bring in India) our culture has been decayed and it is not inline with our scripture which gives women freedom, allow them social and civil rights. Slowly the local practices turn out to be  more patriarchy. But I would like to share an example, which no Indian can denied and that is the prove that still Indian culture have not inhibit complete patriarchy.

When I was a kid. My father used to hard work. I have seen him giving complete salary to my mother (who was housewife and earn nothing). I have seen him asking money from my mother for his daily expanse. This is the story of millions Hindus household. I never seen such practice in other culture. Male used to keep all money and give a small amount of women for their need. But the above mention practice is popular culture amongst Hindu family which shows that financial owner of family is “Women”, They have been termed as “DhanLaxmi” or “Finance Ministers”.

So, In my point of view. These kind of practice happening because of Illiteracy. We need massive drive of literacy (Dharmic and Modern). We need to teach people what they are doing is against of their culture and Modern values.

Only Education and Social awareness can bring the change we want. Abusing a culture (which certainly no one understand because of its complexity) is novice attempt to shed of responsibilities. Blaming mindless way will help no one.

We must not forget what Upanishads told us about eating habit in family:

And if a man wishes that a learned daughter should be born to him, and that she should live to her full age, then after having prepared boiled rice with sesamum and butter, they should both eat, being fit to have offspring.

And if a man wishes that a learned son should be born to him, and that he should live his full age, then after having prepared boiled rice with meat and butter, they should both eat, being fit to have offspring.
— Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6.4.17 – 6.4.18,

The irony with Indians is that, We are being more animal after leaving our dharma education. It is time when we bring back the dharmic culture back to our society.