Short Story of Indian Fall from 1400 AD to till Now

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Indian Indology - Truth beyond agitprop

europe_around_650Through Arab World, when knowledge of India reached the destination of Europeans and British. Than people of Europe in 1400 started a long mission to earn money from this treasure of India. They were thinking that they will encounter a rich culture of philosophy, Power, prosperity, education and business. But till the time surgical strike on India by Islamic invader ruins almost everything in India (specially North India).

That Time India was totally different what European thinking in their mind was. After European enlightenment also, India was the center of poverty, superstition, depression, disease and malnutrition due to brutal rule of Mughals on Indian soil. 

The web of Slavery

britindiaEuropean companies were actually a army establishment in skin of business companies. They were less with the high class of ammunition, technology in weapon and dedicated worker. Their inner completion for Looting India was not able to raise them against each other due…

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