A Girl needs Right Pair of Shoes. That’s all !!

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This is the story of two strongest women in my life. A story which inspires me infinite time.

First Woman: Woman who teach me “It’s okay to Cry”.

The women which extract me out from the pit of deep depression and teach me to Love.

In years 2005, I was heartbroken by my first love. As an average teenager in India, I initially thought I would survive this sock and will improvise this situation. But the tragedy of my love story is that I was nagging for the reason of my breakup that time. She didn’t give me the opportunity to justify my love to her. I started considering myself a loser because I have no girlfriend for love. My father wasn’t wealthy men and my house was ordinary. I was in the deep shuttle which tracking me down in depression about my future. I simply started to hate word “Love”❤ ❤ and feel that my life was doomed.

Then one day, I met this beautiful girl with wide eyes and sweet voice which attract me. Initially, I failed to notice that she was in a cage like mine. But her cage was more physical and mine was mental. So, we were in the same boat but her cage was more brutal. She not allowed to have friends because of Indian parent fears for rebellious girls. Her orthodox parents have not allowed her to go anywhere without them. She wasn’t allowed to talk with boys. She faces discrimination against his young brother. She was brainwash that the world would devour her if she was out. But somewhere she wanted to be free. She wanted to be identified by her own. She desperate to share her thought with someone who was not part of that cage.

She has full of energy who could break the rules and mend laws with her willpower.
How I give her correct pair of shoes? I simply listen to her. I admire her dream and last I told her she is not alone in this journey of life. In this small act of listening, help her to conquer the world. In return, she gave me the most precious gift a girl can give a boy. “Love” ❤ ❤
She simply loves me without putting the condition. Initially, I hesitate because of my previous experience in relation. For more than 7 years, I have not committed to her. But still, she stays with me. She loves me truly but still saw me crying for another girl who dumps me. She restores the love inside me by giving me, selfless love.
Now she is my wife and I am the most fortunate men to have her in my life.

Most favorite woman of all boys- Mom !! 🙂 🙂

Second Women: Woman who teach me “It’s okay to fall”.

Why I like her not because she pamper me and she loves me unconditionally as a child. But I love her for hardness and life lesson she teaches me throughout of my life. As a mother, normally women pamper and take care of her child. But my mother simply teaches me life lesion of self-respect. She was the finest teacher, who never see school. She wouldn’t identify a single word from this blog, but she gave me the power of expressing my emotion through words. She drags out all of my family from misery.

Although she never worried about my studies. But never left an opportunity to tell me stories of relatives who failed in life due to loss of focus on studies. She always wanted to fly all over the world. My father is also conservative in nature. He never went outside with her to movie & restaurant. But, This lady stayed inside the wall and teach us how the whole world looks without having glace. Today, when we empower and have enough money for the movie and travel India. I feel so satisfied whenever she goes with us on the trip. During every trip, she awake and watch all night the outside world. She has been my secretive mentor on financial issue and investment along with my wife.

I wonder that how could I manage without this two woman. 🙂

I cannot repay the debt of these two woman role in my life. I can do small things which change their life enormously or at least show a small sign of respect in daily life.

We can have a start by respecting the woman in daily life. Not seeing them as the sex object. Respecting their suggestion. helping them in household jobs. Sometimes talking to them about their problem without giving the suggestion. Sometimes Only Listening to them.

A small effort of giving them a sheet on bus and train is appreciable. A small attempt to help a female child for education and marriage will be an expression of respect.

My blog dedicated to millions of woman who empowered their children and husband daily. I simply show gratitude to women who drag me out from two hell pits- Illiteracy and depression.

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  1. These two women have so proud on themselves i.e, ur mother has a son like you and second I am, having hubby like u.We both love you a lot and want that God always bless you ,whatever you want to achieve in life ,u will get it.

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