Asifa Rape case And Indian Political Oppertunism.




#ASIFA was young 8 years native girl raped and killed in Jammu khathava district by people belongs to dogara community (another minor community) over beating case early this year.

She was abducted by people on 10 January and her body found around 17 January in Forest in devasted condition. She belongs to bakarwala nomadic community. Her captive has been get JK police protection as one of the rapist was JK police member. Her case been systematically delayed and justice been denied. JK police SP started to framing Hindu Ekta much (a Kashmiri pundit organization which protest against KPs Exodus) because he is known for his pro-Pakistan slangs in JK.

JKBC (Jammu Kashmir Bar console) and HEM (Hindu ekata munch) protest over illegal framing of people rather than real culprits of dogara community and demand (read again) for CBI probe for this case. As Soon as protest move, Indian Media (which usually keep their silence on Assam rape case and other cases which has a less Political orientation) surge the news by framing that protest as Hindu protest for saving culprits. The #Sickular media highlighted the details that “Rape done in Temple ” (like nothing ever happened ever other than temple ). In same case Unnnav, 16 years girl been rape and her father beats up by BJP MLA brother to death. This case was different, few dickhead members of BJO might have changed #JaiSreeRam during the protest in Unnah (not Kathava).

But Indian Media slurring this news has started to report these two case in same articles which confused people that #JaiShreeRam was told by JKBC and HinduEktaMunch.

BJP MLA captures by CBI early this morning and Asifa culprit is capture by JK police later on.



Party like Congress and Opposition, irrespective of condemning such rape cases started to use as Political opportunism (Trust me , if this would be Congress govt at center, BJP might be doing open pant protest than Congress). Rahul Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh who had been silent during Nirbhaya Rape Case. Started to act sensitive (after Dalit protest was over) about these rape cases. It’s good, I personally appreciate his gesture but My problem starts with that when addressing this rape culture of India they started to shoot govt by using rape case.

Rahul Gandhi and BJP must understand that Rape, Murders crimes are not blaming and accusing of each other or setting benchmarks for each other rule failure. These are the serious problem of our society.

The second odd thing which I found that #SelectiveOutrage. This is the most serious thing which is pumping right wings into power. Our Intellectual class and celebrity class live in different India. There selective outrage over only minorities Atrocities been noticed by Millions of people (especially Hindus ) who think that these gatekeepers of democracy is failed to understand their problems.

From Kashmiri pundits, 1984 Sikhs riots, Assam rape case to Bengal riots, RSS people killing in Kerala… no justice has been served to them. They have been waiting that someone should also cry for that. But Intellectual class (might be funded by US think tank) maintaining their silence over Hindu Atrocities of the subcontinent.

Many of us even don’t know that Mina (8 years Dalit Pakistani Hindu ) been gang rape and killed in similar fashion in Pakistan on March 21. But no Dalit and intellectual class ready to see Hindu atrocities. This making sure that Hindus been grouped like other community and rage case been raised because social justice hasn’t served equally to them.

What about Assam rape case Victim- Why media is silence on Assam Rape case?



1. Political opportunism must be ended and “what about this ” kind of attitude must end. All Political parties and all intellectual must stand together for #AsifaBakkaerwal and #Mina. If you left #MinaBody I don’t think so ever #AsifaSoul get justice.

2. Social justice must be given to all people irrespective of their majority and minorities population. Till the time this social justice would be imbalance and intellectual wouldn’t cry for Hindus also. I don’t think so this kind of crime will be tackled by fist iron.

3. I would like to say all my communal and secular friends … Stop using fucking Temple and God into such rape case. You are creating Hinduphobia which is equal to Islamophobia. People killed in real life because of this kind of phobias. Might be asifa also the victim of such phobia cared by Ultra left.


8 Years Girl has been Raped in Pakistan

PS : I think today not only Hindus but Muslims, Sikhs, Christen, Parsis should hang their head on shame irrespective of their country because it’s happening in every country. Our women and daughter are not saved and their atrocities used for Vote bank diversions by Political and Intellectual class.

Justice for Asifa and Justice For Mina

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  1. जब आप अच्छे इंन्सान बनोगे तोही अच्छे हिंदू बन सकोगे. आप इस घिनौने अपराध को हिंदू बनाम मुस्लीम रंग दे रहे हो. क्या आपका ये कहना है, की अगर पाकिस्तानमे एक हिंदू लडकी का रेप अौर हत्या होती है, तो क्या भारतमे मुसलमान लडकी का रेप व हत्या जायज है. अगर पाकिस्तानमे मीना को न्याय नही मिलता है तो क्या भारतमे असिफाभी न्याय के लिए हक्कदार नही होगी.
    ये सोच तो इन्सानियत के खिलाफ है.


    • I wish I could more simplify my message to tell people that it is not my writing which is coloring this heinous incident in Political and communal color but Media and Political class (let it be BJP and Congress). These political parties have nothing do with rape and rape victims but they superficially express their grief and shoot the political goal.

      The post clearly says that child rape or even rape is a social problem which cannot be linked with religion and politics. its simply framed that rape shall be treated with fist iron without making it political defamation.

      I meant to say that Everyone (Mina or Asifa) both need justice and media attention equally. No one can be left behind because XYZ party didn’t involve.

      Still, your input could help me where it’s been represented that I am justifying the crime over the communal line. Help to teach me where it is been conveyed that diluted message?

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  2. I still don’t understand that why Indians don’t consider that Pakistani Hindus are also human being and cant be left in a state who ethically eradicate them on many occasions. Is talking about justice for Pakistani Hindu or even Hindu is communal?Moreover, did you want says that if Asifa didn’t get justice in India, it is okay to rape Mina kind of child in Pakistan? or you wanted to say that Just because we are Indians, we must not think about what is happening with Pakistani Hindus.

    I am flabbergasted by your comment.


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