Trevor Philips: A knight of liberalism killed by Ultra-leftist Propaganda Machinery for His political correctness.


Mark Trevor Philips, former chairmen of Equality and Human right commission was snubbed by his fellow comrades for his brave, politically incorrect advice about Multiculturalism and Britain’s future. He was youngest amongst seven children born on 31 December 1953 at Islington, London England. A brilliant student from Imperial College of London (Graduate in Chemistry) also the president of Student Union. In 1978 he was selected as President of national union of student as a candidate for Board.

During His career he had worked for numerous posts which were related to Human rights, discrimination against religion, ethnic equality. Trevor was brilliant communicator and orator for the subject of Equality amongst Britain environment. He serves as deputy chairman for Board of national equality standards. Chairmen of Greek park Diversity analysis, Director of Webber Philips which is famous for its data analysis. He also severed as Director of the pepper production. The last post which was given to them was highly professional and hold the public image. Chairmen of Equality and Human right commission (EHRC) – an organization for combating discrimination and promoting equality across religion, gender, race and other grounds.  From 1993- 1998 Trevor served in Think Tank name Runnymede Trust which is work for Ethnic Equality. He also served as Chairmen of London Art Board.

As a decorated member of Human rights and equality, in 1996 he joined Labour party and become friends with Tony Blair (former PM of England) with help of close friend Peter Mandelson.

Trevor Philips hailed for bravery, intellectual, communication, and management skill in all post he served.

In 1999, Philips ran labour’s candidate for mayor of London. Ken Livingstone (Left winger) offered Philips to form a joint ticket as the running mate with Frank Dobson.

Philips decline that offers and called that offer “Patronising” and accused Ken Livingstone of racism.

On June 16, 1999 BBC News posted an article where Trevor accused Livingstone for racism and patronising for Joining Left party. The news says

Trevor Phillips, broadcaster and writer standing to become labour’s candidate for London mayor has accused his main rival for the nomination of racism”

Philips said

I think that there is rather serious point that I will put as mildly as I can. All of us who come from minority community get rather used to it and fed up any time we emerge on the public scene, people treating us as apprentices, you Know!!

On accusation, Left Candidate Ken Livingstone said

Trevor is feeling batter soon and he added this reminds me of the old masai warrior saying, the mighty elephant does not mind that the gnat bites his burns

To humiliate Trevor, Ken said

Trevor’s weakness is that he assumes you are achieving your job if you are in newspaper all the time. That is not case actually.

Later Trevor had been accused for sending his children to private school. After Such controversy, Trevor withdraw from the race and Frank Dobson win the nomination.

Major Controversies around him and Fall of Trevor by Left machinery


Trevor was famous for his management skill and bravery during his tenure in Equality and Human right commission (EHRC). He always tried to aside himself from politics and politics correctness. His bravery leads him to direct conflict with the Leftist circle.

In April 2004, during Time Interview Trevor called for govt to reject its support for multiculturalism , claiming it was out of date and legitimised “separateness” between the community and instead should “Assert a core of britishness”.  This becomes infamous interview against him. Left used left leaning newspapers to humiliate Trevor

Independent publish an article where Trevor been humiliated by writer

The former left wing fire brand who once listed “mischief” anyways his reactions in who’s who counts amongst his friend’s individuals who stretch from the far left to demagogic right

In 2005, on France riots, Trevor warns that “Inequality, Race and Powerlessness can be incendiary”. Trevor also warns that Britain’s current approach to multiculturalism could cause Britain to “Sleepwalk towards segregation”. He also said that “Allow people to offend each other”, this comment was against the protest after Danish cartoons of Islamic prophet.

He stated in ITV interview that British people must have the right to say what they want to say, no matter how much absurd and unpopular it looks like.

Attack on Trevor Philips by leftist media and organisation.

In 2006, Livingston accused Trevor of “pandering to right”.

On this accusation, Trevor replied that his view is well documented and supported. He made the speech It is right to ask the hard question about multicultural Britain”

Trevor Phillips Tenure has been questioned by Six of the body’s commissioner (very loyal to left ideology) who express their concern about his leadership and departed from EHRC.

Ken Hampton One of the first commissioner says “Philip’s leadership style which is better suited to a political party than a human right commission”. Bert Massie (Campaigner of disability right’s) says “Problem seemed from Philip himself”.

Ben summer says Trevor is the brilliant communicator. He is fantastic makes of television programme, but he has not been successful in the running commission and bringing it together. We should be crystal clear that – This is not an issue about policies.

In 2010, an investigation commenced over allegation on Trevor. But Lords committee found that allegation were “Subjective” and that no firm actual evidence is presented in their support, nor are they borne out by the submission by an Individual member of EHRC.

Trevor’s remarks on Obama

In truth, Obama may be helping to post pone the arrival of post racial America and I think he know that.

This comment becomes another controversy for Trevor as he diminishes the Left Ideal leader Barrack Obama with political correctness.  This comment was seen as his declaration of dead multiculturalism. He include that “This is the time we accept that multiculturalism is dead and stop branding the police as institutionally racist”.

Black Racist

Nick Griffin (BPN Leader) once invited Trevor’s Phillips with holocaust denier David Irving for discussion on Oxford Union’s. In this discussion, Trevor’s said that how a complete intellectual argument being snubbed under political slurring by England intellectuals.

As a former president of national union of student, I am ashamed that this has happened. This is not question of freedom of speech but juvelin provocation. What would I say to student of Oxford that: You are supposed to be brilliant, put your brain back in your head. People fight and died for freedom of speech and expression. They didn’t fight and die for a sort of silly parlour game.

Nick Griffin has since that called Trevor’s Philips – Black racist.

The term he has given against his interview on channel 4.

 The more fearsome attack on Mark Trevor Philips

Series of articles have been written against Mark Trevor Philips where he has been accused of racism and being vocal against multiculturalism. Once hailed by the leftist hero, Trevor’s become the prime target of the gang of the journalist from the guardian.

Poopy Noor a Pakistani British journalist from guardian wrote an emotional and infamous article on 29 Feb 2017, where she accused Trevor of being racist. The title of the article was also racist in nature itself.

Yes Trevor Philips: You can be black and racist too.

In this article, she accused Travers of side-lining multiculturalism. She emotionally discusses that how hard it would be for her to be paki in London. It was evidence less allegation against a tall figure in Human right and equality which is back by only emotional slurring. Noor accused Philips of misunderstanding the concept of multiculturalism while side-line the entire allegation inside the agitation of Muslims community. Writer tries to link the emotional case of racism and rape with Philips. She defined that Political correctness shall be inclusive, non-prejudiced. It is astonishing to know that she denied the fact Political correctness should be truthful.

Another article “Trevor Philips: political correctness unshared in the populist wave”  by Andrew Anthony also wrote on 19 Feb. 2017, where writer accused Philips of using political correctness as the popular wave for him.

Trevor Philips has been constantly targeted for his brave, truthful assessment of multiculturalism. He has been ridiculed and insulted by Left media and person in time and again to stand alone the system which is slowly throwing Britain into separation and anarchy.

A man who dares to tell the truth about race: Ex-race tsar says silencing of the debate has done devastating harm to Britain

I remember the line of Alinsky (A leftist writer who has written the book “Rule for Radicals”) where he said

Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it and polarise it

I think this might be happening with Trevor Philips.


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