In the year 2009, VS Achuthanandan punished by CPI (Communist Party of India) for indiscipline behavior according to the party framed structure. This is not the first time When the Extremist wing of left party punish someone for crossing the party lines. In the year 1961, When China Mao’s army aggressively attack India because PM Nehru chose to ignore advice from his Intelligence chief Bhola Nath about preparation war by China than CPI has punished 39 years Achuthanandan for the planning of donating the blood to army Jawans.

VS Achuthanandan

He is being punished for being “Pro-India” and “Anti Party” by Party command. As soon as War beings in 1961, fraction in communist party put their ideology above nation. They openly support China claims on Indian territory as claimed by Congress. With this Congress, govt put many CPI leaders into jail. VS Achuthanandan was put in Thiruvananthapuram central jail.


For against that accusation of treason, VS comes with an idea in the weekly review meeting of Jail with other comrades that –

“They should donate blood for the jawans, and contributing money from the sale of prison rations saved by inmates to the defense kitty of the government.”

But O J Joseph, convener of the party’s jail committee and a latter-day member of the Rajya Sabha, rejected the proposal. Next Morning he tried again with his idea but meeting end up with scuffle feeling within the group between of Achuthanandan and Joseph.

K Anirudhan who was one of the comrades informed about this scuffle to the warden and from where it leaks to media. Jyoti Basu informed this to E M S Namboodiripad who asked K P R Gopalan to start the investigation of this incident internally. Later Achuthanandan dropped that plan.

In oct 1965, Party workers loaded a written complaint against Achuthanandan for his supportive idea to donate blood jawan and termed it Anti – Party activity. A probe started and find Achuthanandan guilty. He has been demoted to the party line and sent Alappuzha district secretariat.

Sr. Communist leader M M Lawrance said,

“Achuthanandan decided to donate blood and ration for the army without consulting the party. His move amounted to helping the government which then tried to wreck the communist party. Hence, that action was anti-party.”

In 1990, some CPM activists abducted two councilors of the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation, and the then general secretary Namboodiripad asked Achuthanandan, then Kerala state secretary, to “settle the issue”. But for five days, Achuthanandan did nothing. Later, after consulting with chief minister E K Nayanar, a judicial probe was ordered. The CPM central leadership asked the entire state secretariat to come to Delhi, where Achuthanandan was censured.

Source: Indian Express ARCHIVE