Gandhi Dynasty and Culture of Ban in India

Padamavat and Beef ban has recently become the symbol of “banning culture” in India. It was media which stormed the headlines and blamed BJP for this “banning culture”.

It has perturbed me that how media amplify some section of news for political gain but blindly reject the culture of banning of books and films which is here from Nehru era. In this blog, I would compare the major book & film banning acts and attempt in 70 years independent history of India.

India is known for its diversity and different view. The politics of early India supposed to be secular, brave and liberal where the various view can survive. But the early actions of Gandhi Dynasty and its political aroma has created a cult culture where all intellectuals and people who support freedom of expression chose to be silent on the atrocious act of banning books by Gandhi dynasty. The cult creation in name of Mahatma Gandhi has been abuse by Nehru family.


The last temptation of Christ (Historical Novel) – Nikos Kazantzakis’s in 1960 was the first book of independent India ban by so-called secular and liberal politician Nehru. The reason for banning this book was unknown but it is considered that it was an attempt to appease christen community of India. On the contrary side, Nehru claimed that he had respect for liberal values but his action was totally opposite of his speech.

It was the first attempt in Independent India where the culture of book banning was promoted because not a single intellectual of India raised voice against PM Nehru action. This culture had not stopped there.

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The next book which was banned by Congress Govt. “Nehru: A political biography” written by Michael Edwards.

In 1975, this book was banned on the excuse that it contains factual error about Nehru life. But that was not the truth. It was banned because it exposed Nehru’s political ambitions to control India through political ideology and demising facts about other freedom fighters and groups.

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One more book which was banned by Congress was written by Nehru’s private Secretary (1947-1959) “M.O. Mathai”. “Reminiscence of Nehru’s age” the book contained total 49 chapters but chapter 29 was suppressed. Why?

This chapter 29 showed that how Nehru’s ignorance for the advice of Intelligence chief Bhola Nath on China’s attack. The overconfidence of Nehru cost a shameful defeat by China. This was reconfirmed by Scottish historian recently in his book “China’s India War”.

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Next book on List was “Heart of India” published in 1958 by Alexander Campbell. The reason given by Congress that it was the hideous book. But what could be hideous about this book? Actually, this book criticizes the policy and politics of India by Nehru’s Govt.

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DM13KPbUQAE7T_T.jpgThe most bizarre ban done by Congress was on “Moor’s last sigh” because the dog name in this book was Jawahar. The book was banned by PV Narasimha Rao under pressure of Gandhi dynasty. You can understand the level of cult dignity around the dynasty that they banned the book for No reason.

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The Red Sari” was banned by Congress govt till 2015 which was written by Javier Moro. It was a fictional novel based on Ex- Indian National Congress president Sonia Gandhi lives. The reason behind the banning this book was the imaginative insult for a fiction character which was synonymous to Sonia Gandhi.

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The satanic verse”, “Lajja” and “Understanding Islam through hadith” was few books ban by Congress to please the Muslim population of India.

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download (7)Films like Amu made by Shonali Bose over 1984 Sikhs riots were banned by govt because it exposes the congressmen role in riots. This film exposes that how Congress creates the cult around themselves which slaughter Sikhs of India for Indira Gandhi.

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download (8)The Malayalam movie “Pithavinum Puthranum” banned in 2012 by Congress govt in Kerala. The story of the film based on a book of Sister Jesme, who renounced her nun-hood and left the convent because of malicious life of priests and nuns in the Catholic Church, and the murder of Sister Abhaya in the convent, a victim of the licentious life of the Indian Catholicism. Not clear from Film board.

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