Ravana as per Ramayana- Villen and Hero a short discourse.

Many intellectuals’ claims that they have found that Ravana was batter character from Rama.

In my life, I always believed that Intellectual people have the cognitive bias which they don’t recognize because understanding about cognitive bias in self-character might be the difficult task for them. I found that these people suffer from two major well-known biases in the study of psychology:-

Fundamentally Attribution error (FAE): it is also known as correspondence bias. This says that a tendency for people to overemphasize personality-based explanation for behaviors observed in others.

Confirmation bias Says tendency to search for interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions.

Now Let me answer this question. Ramayana is the tale about two Aryans kings which fight each other for Devi Sita.

Rama was exiled prince of Ayodhya. Lord Rama was expert in Vedas and Dharma Sastra. He was expert in 16 arts out of 64. However, he was the obedient son and loyal husband. On the other side, Ravana was also Vedic pundit, musician, and Scientist (I don’t agree with this claim). However many claims about him are false:-

He never touches Devi Sita because he was so nice person:

This is the most absurd claim I found by people. Ravana was the dire womaniser. His palace was filled with apsaras. His lust was beyond the limit that in Shiva Purana, he asked for Parvati as the wife as the boon from Shiva. Shiva was unable to reject so they grunt. Madodari is actually was the mirage of Parvati which he took as Parvati trick him. From one of they mythical account, Ravana was also forced Rambha for the sexual relationship while she was destined to merry Kubera. He tried to rape his own daughter in law because kubra was Ravana big brother. From another account of ancient Text once he was crossing Kailash from pushpak viman when he saw a women and tried to force her into the sexual relationship. When she deny, he force her from her hair and then she self immolate her for saving dignity with a crush that if in future he will try to rape a woman his head will be burst into thousand piece

However which best character urge these kind of lines :-

“He who is a marksman of every divine missile, and an ever interdictor of Vedic-rituals, and who on going to the city named Bhogavati, the capital of Naga-s, and on defeating Vaasuki, the King of Serpents, has abducted the dear wife of Taksha on molesting her, and Shuurpanakha saw such a molester of others wives”

Ch.3 S 32. V13 Valmiki Ramayana

“Above two months you not desiring me as husband will be killed in my kitched for my breakfast.”. Ch.5 S22 V.9 Valmiki Ramayana

No, where in his whole story he was seen polite and lustless. His anger for Supernakaha (which many stupid intellectual claim for revenge from Rama) was just pretext for his lust.

In sugra 34, Ravana itself blame suparanakha for her flirtatious behavior but then she anyhow describes the beauty of Sita to arose the lust for Sita inside the Ravana.

Ravana didn’t abundant his wife?

Ravana was simply womanizer. His above description from Valmiki sloka explains that fact that he was filled with lust.

The argument made by Pseudo-intellectual that

“If someone cut off the nose of my sister, I would be had done something similar, what Ravana did.”

I personally think only a fool can stand with his son and daughter if they are guilty of a crime. Supernaka was about to Kill Sita when Lakshamana Punish her. But so-called Intellectual King who was expert in Vedas and Politics didn’t bother for another side of Story before abducting the sita.

My Conclusion:

I personally feel that any story should be seen in the light of totality. Using FAE bias and confirmation bias will lead to superficial conclusions. There is the reason every grammar has three degrees of Verbs. In Sanskrit and Hindi, they have known as Karma. Here Ravana Karma was the third category and Rama karma was the first category. Rama could be bad in the current moral system but Ravana was brutal. No sane man can ever over emphasize crime of Ravana as the good act.

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