Book Review: Krishana Key- By Ashwin Sanghi

Hello Readers, I was having reading block (its lasted 7.5 Month) and so worried that how can I restart my reading and writing habits. Almost 7 months are nightmare for me because I haven’t published anything and read anything. I also developed a new hobby in this time which is “sketching and Painting”. However, One day i was reading on Internet about the reading block. The Internet blog “8 Tips of Overcoming reader’s block” helps me to break this time. I just started with Dan brown type writer “Ashwin Sanghi” of Indian Diaspora and his most articulate book “The Krishna Key”.

Trust Me ! I am very disappointed after reading this book (although its helped me to break my R-Block) but still this book not even worth of fiction cat. “Krishana Key” moves around the Robert Langdon kind of character who is professor of Indian university (an poor attempt to copied Dan brown style) who found his friend dead in some strange situation. Police framed him for the death of his friend but he somehow escaped from the jail with help of his student (sexy touch !!).

This fiction Novel used unimaginable combination and undigested historical slurring which might give vomit to people like me who at-least have a good sense of Indian History. Novel maintain its pace from One killing to another, and fast moving search from one location to another. In Term of story, Sanghi could have done justice with his reader. The claim made inside the books are so absurd that it could be one of social media conspiracy theory. From fast pacing run to an absurd end about the secret which is related to Lord Krishana Life is quite mind numbing. However, It’s good read.

My Rating: 1 of 5 stars