Alt News or Fraud News? Shameless campaign of lies and defamation

A Must read reply by TrueIndology to AltNews (A propaganda of lies and distorted history fact check site). Indians being fooled by such people for so long. I convey my regards to such hardcore eye opener i.e. @TRUEINDOLOGY to demolished fake news site like Altnews.


One little-known website called “Alt News”, patronized by well known political propagandists, recently spun few posts using my Twitter Timeline, calling it a “goldmine of fictitious historical claims”. Well, since it has invoked my Twitter Timeline to get traffic and ad-revenue, of course, it is a goldmine, indeed, for the post truth peddling Fraud News.

Whenever people engage politely with me, seeking a clarification or putting up a counter-view, I hear them out and share the sources (name of the book, museum and link to sources, wherever available), if not done already, so that people can actually explore facts for themselves and act as agents of information dissemination.

Anyone, who’s abusive or simply argues for the sake of arguing, with no interest in learning or sharing, ends up either in my blocked or muted list. My timeline is testimony to the fact that I engage with people on the basis…

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