Truth Triumphs

How True Indology being targeted by Mainstream Media (TOI) editor and Weblog Fake Fact checker in process of oppressing the Voice of Decent. We must understand that Fake & Propagandist has achieved a high position in all sectors of Indian Intellectual class.


TOI Smear Campaign : Blatant,Defamatory Lies and Vitriol of TOI Editor

I am a private citizen who is extremely interested in Indian history. The fact that I read Marxist historian Romila Thapar’s works at the age of 13, should indicate my fascination with History. I used to be in awe of her work until I started examining primary sources which made me realise the huge disparity between our history books and the truth of the facts revealed by primary sources.

That is when I took a resolve to present history based on facts. It does not matter if people, brainwashed by mainstreamed Marxist History, treat what I share as alternate History. They are bound to be convinced when they refer the primary sources that I share. That is why I spend my free time on Twitter and other Social Media Sites and record history based on primary sources. That is what…

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