Book Review: Why I Killed Gandhi by Nathuram Godse

My Rating: 3.5 Out of 5

Nathuram Godse, might be the most controversial name in Indian History. Independent India had his first shocking set back after a young male, shoot 3 bullets on chest of a fragile saint of India, The Mahatama Gandhi- Symbol of Truth and righteousness.

Later, many people booked by Indian police in charge of planning and executing the killing of “Mahatama”. The Nation has portrayed him face of Hindu fanatics or Hindu fundamentalist ideology. The court has started investigation against these bunch of accused and Many prominent judges was involved into the case. More and less, the case was very clear that Mahatama was killed by Nathuram Godse during his daily prayers in Birla House. The confession of Nathuram Godse was banned by Indian state up to many years (may be this was against their political agenda), and government of India closely monitored the activities of organisation which was having relation ship with accused and Nathuram itself.

The Book is notes and court confession made by Nathuram Godse in light of his own view about Mahatama Gandhi. In fact, Godse accept that he was amide follower of Gandhi and his ideology of Truth and Non-Violence. However, he describe what made him to think kill Gandhi even after such admiration of his work and ideology. Nathuram confessed that he was the only planner along with one of the person to kill Gandhi and RSS (Rastriya Swayamsevek Sangh) has nothing to do with this act. Godse, who was running newspaper “Agani” for waking up Hindu youth against British colonialism was responsible for many Food gathering where he himself sit with many local dalits for eradication of caste based discrimination.

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Few Facts about Nathuram Godse Life:-

  1. Nathuram Godse was hardcore fan of Gandhi movements against Dalit discrimination and women empowerment.
  2. Nathuram Godse has lived his 13 years of early life as Girl because his parents was having superstitions about his death.
  3. Nathuram Godse criticized Savarkar and Hindu Mahasabha for being to much polite. In one of the incident when he protested against Gandhi in Birla House Delhi, Savarkar scold him going against Gandhi pooja sabhas.
  4. Godse court statement was banned by Ruling (Congress) government more than 40 Years after independence.
  5. Nathuram Godse, clearly told in his assessment that His motive to kill Gandhi was not personal, not political, not religious hatred towards Gandhi. His motive of Killing Gandhi was only removing his unprecedented pressure on Current Indian Government actions and policies.

Mahatama Gandhi stature in Indian politics was too high that even Home Minister of India was too bend towards Gandhi’s stubbornness. My anger touch the limit when Gandhi pressurized Indian govt against their decision to not provided 65 cr. till Pakistan retreat from Kashmir. Mr. Patel (Home Minister of India, 1947) took strong action against Pakistan for violating border but Gandhi took fasting against Home minister decision. Resulted, Pakistan received 65 cr. Rs from India which has fueled more insurgencies in Kashmir. On that Day, I (Nathuram Godse) decided to Kill Mahatama Gandhi so future govt. can take independent decision about security and sovereignty of Indian state. I Know, I will be remember as manic and killer of Gandhi but this blame will be much better than seeing again Bharat Mata (India) slumps into slavery.

-Nathuram Godse (Book: Why I Killed Gandhi)

I am planning to write a blog series on subject and unheard statements of Nathuram Godse. I wish, Indian intellectual will read this book without prejudice to understand the view point of Killer of Gandhi. In my opinion what Godse did was wrong, but may be this act of violence leads to strength the Hindu community who was being slaughter in name of Ahimsa and save Hindus from self styled narcissistic political brainwashing by Mahatama itself.

War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength

1984, Gorge Orwell