The Movie: The Tashkent Files- My right to truth

Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri- Second Prime Minister of Independent India

Who Killed Lal Bahadur Shastri?

Lal Bahadur Shastri was the second prime minister of Independent India. He was known for his simplicity, strong character and revolutionary leader who transformed India after Nehru Legacy. He was the First Non-Gandhi Prime minister of India, hailing from very poor family. Lal Bahadur Shastri was as famous during his life as controversial during his death. In enormous victory in 1965 war with Pakistan, he proved that no one can challenge Indian state. He went to Tashkent for signing peace agreement with Pakistan and Just after few hours of Signing ceremony, Tashkent agreement he has been found dead in his bedroom by heart attack (As claimed by Congress Govt of that era).

Vivek Rajan Aganihotri made a revolutionary movie on Lal bahadur Shastri death- The Tashkent Files. The term “Revolutionary” I used here for at-least coming out from the same rhetoric romantic story line of Bollywood play in name of creative movie making. Indeed, Vivek done commendable job by making such Politically intriguing movies who seek truth for the second prime minister of India.

Now, question arise from where this controvert come into the picture that Lal bahadur shastri got killed rather than heart attack as told by the day of govt to the public. The death of Lal bahadur shastri took whole nation in shocks as he died next day of signing peace with Pakistan’s Ayub Khan. Many decorated politician had raised suspicious about the death of Shastri Ji but still government of India felt silent on such questions including current government of India. However, Anuj Dhar a journalist cum writer has written a book name “Your Prime Minister is dead” on Shastri Ji death.

The Plot

The Movie revolve around a journalist named “Ragini” who is looking for scoop in political journalism. She got an anonymous call during her birthday which lead her to ask the question “Who killed Shastri Ji?”. Than “Sarkar” of the day assembled a team who discussed the facts about Lal Bahadur Shastri death lead by Opposition leader. During her search to India’s biggest cover-up have put her on cross road of power lobbies who worked for government and people who wanted to hide this for shake of personal gain and profits. The Movies questions to Historian, Lutyens Intellectuals, Liberals, so called truth seekers that why even after having so much discrepancy (which I have listed below) no one raised the question. In the end, Movies shows that what impact on Indian state had faced after death of dynamic leader and who had been profited. I personally urge to youth of India for watching such intriguing movie irrespective of ideology and political alignment. This kind of movies, set the layout for the seeker of truth.

The problem of accepting Shastri ji Natural death

  1. Postmortem- When a VVIP person died in Tashkent (Out side India) in suspicious condition, the day of govt didn’t raised a question about postmortem of Shastri body. Now, many can denied that there was no suspicious on his death. But actually that is not truth. After Shastri death, Russian govt held the cook and caretaker in suspicious of poisoning the Shastri Ji. Later they release the suspect but why didn’t govt of India take such suspicions into account for postmortem of his dead prime-minister.

The sad news shocked everyone. The KGB was called in immediately and they placed the head waiters who had served the distinguished guests at the banquet under temporary arrest on suspicion of poisoning the Prime Minister of India.  However, the doctor who accompanied the Prime Minister on his trip and the Soviet doctors, having examined the body, came to the conclusion that he died of a heart attack, which was already his fourth. The waiters were released, and the suspicion of the poisoning was said to be groundless.

The Russia beyond- Anton Vereshchagin

2. Dead Body- When dead body of shastri Ji received at Palam airport, new delhi. It was black which was very abnormal. As theory suggest, his body was having cut marked which was bleeding. If shastri ji was heart attacked than what was cut markes on his body? why his body not further investigate on cause? why his body was pasted with sandle? was it attempt to hid blackness of body which generally cause by poisoning. Why his cook had been changed in last day of his life while he was accompanied by his personal cook name “Ramnath”? such question raised many queries about his death against the famous narrative floated by Government.

Dead body of Shri Lal bahadur Shastri- Source My nation (

3. Blood stain on his cap – The biggest and most loud evidence for Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji murder was “his cap” which was having blood stain. How can blood stain come to a person cap who died of hurt attack. Indeed, Government of that era was hiding something from public. The cap is produced by his grandson recently. He (Shartri Ji’s Grandson) urged GOI for declassify the Lal Bahadur death documents in public domain to know the truth.

Who Gained from Shastri Ji death?

I don’t want to be political correct about this question. Indeed, the immediate death of Shastri ji really become boon for Indira gandhi as it cleared the path of K. Kamraj (Congress Kingmaker) to chose her in powerful position. However, it doesn’t indicate that Indira Gandhi had any role in Shastri Ji death. But the death of Shastri has come with few unimaginable incident like Emergency, Modification of Indian Constitutions and forceful conversion of democratic republic to social democracy which was against the prime principle of “Baba Shahab Ambedkar”. After Shastri death, India slowly clutched into the “Communist Ideology” which was propogated during the era of cold war. Now, the question is raised that, did KGB killed Shastri ji for starting the era of “Communism in India” by the help of GOI of that time. Indeed, its seems baseless allegation but actually it is not. The Book “The KGB and The World”, Page 302 chapter “Part 1: The Supremacy of the Indian National Congress”

The Supremacy of the Indian National Congress – The KGB and the world

This chapter deals with the Russian KGB and Indian Congress relationship which indicate that how the corrupt congress actually turned down their values of democracy for forming an communist ideology throughout the India high official ranks. The chapter describe (Mind it ! it is written by Ex-KGB director “Vasili Mitrokhin”) the full fledged penetration of KGB spies in Indian higher rank offical including Left wing hero and nehru’s personal adviser who become Defense Minister in 1957 “Krishna Menon”.

According the chapter,

..foreign intelligence and security agencies, was running, through Line KR in the Indian residencies, over thirty agents — ten of whom were Indian intelligence officers.
Kaluginre calls one occasion on which Andropov personally turned down an offer from an Indian minister to provide information in return for $50,000 on the grounds that the KGB was already well supplied with material from the Indian Foreign and Defense Ministries. It seemed like the entire country was for sale; the KGB-and the CIA -had deeply penetrated the Indian government. After a while neither side entrusted sensitivein formation to the Indians, realizing their enemy would know all about it the next day (Page 311)

“The Prime Minister is unlikely to have paid close attention to the dubious origins of someof the funds which went into Congress’s coffers. That was a matter which she leftlargely to her principal fundraiser, Lalit Narayan Mishra, who – though she doubtlessdid not realize it also accepted Soviet money.

On at least one occasion 3 secret gift of 2million rupees from the Politburo to Congress (R) was personally delivered after midnight bythe head of Line PR in New Delhi, Leonid Shebarshin. Another million rupees were givenon the same occasion to a newspaper which supported Mrs. Gandhi.

Short and obesewith several chins, Mishra looked the part of the corrupt politician he increasingly became. Indira Gandhi, despite her own frugal lifestyle, depended on the money hecollected from a variet (Page 322)”

The Mitrokhin Archive II: The KGB and the World – Page 311

The Chapter explain a lot about KGB’s role in India during Indira Gandhi time. This seems to be good motive to keep quite on “Shastri ji death” and “Raise of Indira and India as communist regime by plunging KGB agents into congress who paid for spreading the lies about history and turning India into another communist country”. I will wrote down a separate blog about the summery on this chapter.


The Movie : The Tashkent Files must watched movie for youth who wanted to seek truth about the “THE ECOSYSTEM”. This term I have been used for “Nexus of Intellectuals, media houses, govt officials, public celebrities, claimed historians, elite class” who treat themselves as arrogant Brahmins and consider anyone “Untouchables” who challenge their narrative of truth, history, ideology and understanding of India. This ecosystem preserve a dynasty because it’s might be innocently served the dead KGB agenda in India or CIA’s narrative to weakened India.

As a Citizen of India, it is my right to truth to know what happen to Shastri ji? why Nambi Narayanan been accused in false case? who wanted to stop the succuss story of India.