No More Hindu-phobia, No More Hindu terror- Message from PM Modi Victory to world

On 23rd May 2019, Indians has voted for Mr. Narendra Modi and given him unprecedented node for forming NDA government again after 2014. This formation of election results only prove that, Hindus have been slowly lifting above from their caste biased in UP (India’s most populated state), they are being more aware about unit Hindu affect on elections and progress of India, Hindus have said no to hinduphobia in mainstream/leftist media. Narendra Modi, as become symbol of unified Hindus and India (which is purely against the agenda spread by TIMES-Atish Taseer few days back) where every caste, creed and religion can grow beyond appeasement and vote bank tactics. The Journey of Narendra Modi from being framed into 2002 Gujarat riots to second time elected prime minister under huge supports from people of India, shows that Hindus are not anymore interested into the false narrative of Hindu Terror.

Prime Minster Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit shah after winning the election,2019 in BJP Headquarter (source: Zee News)

Hindu terror narrative has been used by Congress party for instating fear amongst minority and pin point their political opposition –BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party). This narrative of malicious idea of Congress party to defame Hindus in name of Godse, Savarkar and subjugate their culture for party vote bank benefit. Ironically, former prime minister Mr. ManMohan Singh didn’t raised any objection on such narrative and accept it. The idea of “Hindu terror” revived in this election by Kamal Hassan in his speech, where he targeted Hindu community in name of Godse and called “Godse was the first Hindu terrorist“.

The Idea of Hindu terror was invented by Congress party to hide their weakness to protect India against 26/11 Mumbai attack. While Congress failed to protect their citizens which resulted killing of 130 people in Mumbai, congress find a trick to escape from this blame. They developed the idea of Hindu terror and told in media that its inside job of Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Mr. Digvijay Singh promote book on this fake nurrative named – RSS ki Sazish.

After years of abuse, Hindu community targeted by Indian intellectuals (mostly leftist and paid intellectuals) for Hindu terror while they took clear stance on Islamic terrorism by denying any role of religion. Swara Bhaskar who been very vocal against Hindus and their traditions, linked word “sadhvi” to her for sarcastically blaming Pragya Thakur (an suspect of Malegaon terror blast), underlining that Sadhvi/Yogi could be terrorist – Can I prefix Sadhvi?. This simple sarcastic comments on Pragya thakur is public display of hinduphobia where they think that an suspect is convicted terrorism, hence Hindu could be blamed for that. In another case, Congress president Rahul Gandhi, placed Hindus images as terrorist on his briefing to US. according to him, Radical Hindus are bigger threat than Taliban.

RVS Mani, has written a well constructive and evidence based book that how Indian national congress tried to conceptualized the peaceful Hindus into Terrorist. Hindu terror by RVS Mani. He explained why it is important for some political group to divide Hindus in name of caste, language, region and religion to be in power. The cast equation, language war helped them to deconstruct the Hindu unity and any voice which can be raised for Hindu cause.

Chilling account of a man who was almost traded for release of Ajmal Kasab” What role did ministers like Shivraj Patil, P Chidambaram, A R Antulay, Digvijay Singh and officials like Chitkala Zutshi, Dharmendra Sharma, Hemant Karkare, R V Raju play in the Hindu Terror narrative? Here is a version of a man who almost was taken captive and was to be traded for elease of Ajmal Kasab, but saved by sheer providence. In his insider account, author RVS Mani discloses how the country’s internal security establishment functioned in the period of 2004-2014 when India faced some of the bloodiest terrorist carnages. This former Home Ministry official posted in the Internal Security Division between 2006-2010 also poses several questions which the nation should seek answers to ….

Hindu Terror by RVS Mani

What this election says

This election is clear indication that, Hindus are not a disintegrated society which can not be stand for voicing their atrocities. Two years back i wrote about the Hindus disintegrated nature for a cause but i am happy that its slowly breaking. Now, Hindus are more sensitive about Hindu phobic narrative and act which insult Hindu dharma. Hindus need for being united and act like a common structure is utmost demand of the time. Its time when Hindus raised against the social evils like cast-ism, dowry, women empowerment, dis-fragmentation, neo-regionalism, language wars and fake pride of communities/Groups. This is the time when they have to take stake on making “Hindu Rastra” where the idea of “sarve bhantu sukhina, sarve santu niramaya” been practiced.