Why I assassinated Gandhi?- From the Account of Nathuram Godse (Blog 1/5)

There was no Legal machinery by which [Gandhi] could be brought to book…I felt that [he] should not be allowed to meet a natural death.

Nathuram Godse

Killing of Mahatama

Nathuram Vinayak Godse, was the fist accused who booked by Indian Police for Killing the Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi [Mahatama Gandhi]. He had shoot down three bullets from blank range on Gandhi chest during his evening prayer at Birla Mandir on 30th January 1948. He had been captured with another accused, which includes Madan Lal Pahwa, Narayan Dattatraya Apte, Digamber Ramchandra Badge, V.D. Sawarkar, Gopal Godse [Brother of prime accused], Dr. Parchure & Karkare. Shri C.K. Daphtary was chief Public Prosecutor of the case from the side of Government of India. Nathuram Godse and Narayan apte were running a daily by the name “Hindu Rastra” which was reincarnation of “Agrani”. Ten days before the killing of Mahatama Gandhi, on 20th Jan 1948, a Bomb was exploded at Gandhi evening prayer and police had arrested Madan Lal Pahwa in accusation. The reason stated by Pahwa for bomb explosion was Gandhis forceful interference on Government of India works [Later, Explain in details] and his biased views for Hindu refuges. During remembrance of his refuge days and his experience with other Hindu refuges, he consider that such tragedy was imposed by Mahatama Gandhi biased love for Muslims which ended up to a separate state for Muslims [pure being i.e. Pak-Pure people , stan- place] and massacre of Hindus.

…We walked night and day. There were men and women of all ages and all conditions. Many could not stand the strain. They-mostly women and children-were left on the road. I reached a place called Fazilka, in Indian territory, and discovered that another refugee column in which my father and other relatives had set out had fared much worse. They had been attacked by Muslim mobs on their way: Only 40 or 50 had survived out of 400 or 500 and even these were in hospitals. My aunt had been killed, more than a hundred girls were abducted, and my father rescued from a heap of the dead.” “…While in Fazilka, we saw other refugee columns coming in; one of them he says was ‘forty miles long’, and in another marched ” five hundred women who had been stripped naked…….I saw women with their breasts, noses, ears and cheeks cut……..one of them told me how her child was roasted and she was asked to partake of the same…..another was ravished in the presence of her husband who was kept tied to a tree.

— Stated under oath by Madan Lal Pahwa during the Gandhi Murder Trial

As per Madan Lal Pahwa, after involving his name in Gandhi assassination, he said

I deny that there was ever any conspiracy to do any harm whatever to Mahatama Gandhi or that I was involved in such conspiracy. The Incident of 20th Jan 1948 was meant only to demonstrate the widespread dissatisfaction in the country with the pro-muslim policy and action which Gandhiji was advocating in those days. It was nothing more.

Madan Lal Pahwa on 22nd June 1948 – Court statement

On 30th January 1948, at five in the evening, when GandhiJi came out from his prayer, in compound of Birala Mandir. Vinayak Godse fired three shots at Point blank range and Gandhi was dead within 20 minutes. Nathuram Godse didn’t tried to escape or he surrenders to authority immediately. The wired demand of Godse, to examine him medically just after the killing of Mahatama [Gandhi], later explained by him an attempt to clear his health condition that he was perfect in sense when he killed Gandhi. He had been keep in custody of Tughlaq road Police, where Devadas gandhi [Son of Mahatama Gandhi] came to meet him. He[Godse] politely told Devadas Gandhi that his purpose of Killing Mahatama was purely Political and Political alone.

Police Investigation and Special court

C.K. Daphtary, Chief Prosecutor had appear in special court against Nathuram Godse. The Prosecutor had framed more than seven individual for Killing of Gandhi. The main accused had surrendered on the spot while other accused had been picked-up by the Police from various places. The International news captured the news related to V.D. Sawarkar because he was well known freedom fighter in Hindu community. Digamber Ramchandra Badge was arrested on 30th January 1948. On 27th May 1948, court room [Special court] open for the case of Gandhi killing. Shri. C.K. Daphtary asked court judges to witness the place where Gandhi had been killed. Nathuram Godse, rejected to visit the Birala Mandir Compound while V.D. Savarkar shows no interest for this visit. The Spot where Gandhi was killed was the spot where a chapter of Indian History has ended. A spot where dream of dubious Hindu-Muslim unity had shattered. A spot where bleeding wounds of refuges had found a tongue to speak. It was the same place where selfish sycophants gathered around Gandhi to make him believed that he really achieved this freedom of India on his principle of Non-Violence while whole Pak-Punjab, Lahore and Pakistan territories was burning from Hindu killing, their women rape. The horrendous killing and raping of Sikh and Hindu community was so much painful for refuges that they decided to protest outside Birala Mandir against Gandhi preaching of Non-Violence to Hindu Only [Certainly these preaching was unaffected to Muslims, as they were killing Hindus on both front i.e. East and West Pakistan].

On 8th November 1948, it was turned to prime accused [Nathuram Vinayak Godse] to make a detailed statement but Prosecutor objected on lengthy statement. The special judge overruled the objection and said “Go on, make your statement”.

Nathuram Godse statement- Answer to charge-sheet

Nathuram Godse make detailed statement about his introduction and his early life. He said that there was no group conspiracy against killing of Mahatama Gandhi. He himself only responsible of killing Mahatama Gandhi. He denied that, there is any link between Madan Lal pahawa and him. He also denied that there is no other convict other than him. He killed Gandhi in his healthy state of mind, body and soul. He admit that he had pistol [Sr. No. 606824] and cartridge.

The Cause of killing Gandhi- Nathuram explained in detail that what was his immediate reason to end life of Gandhi. He stated that he believed that “Utter non-violence principle of Mahatama” was result of emasculation of Hindu community and they were unable to resist against the extremist muslim. For countering the Gandhi’s utter Non-violence principle [which was not practice to practice when other party is soul consider your nature of non-violence as character of weakness of other side]. He had started a daily newspaper named “Agrani”. In his newspaper, he decided to face off Mahatama Gandhi bias for Hindus community and their interest in cost of pleasing Muslim community for achieving his dream of being prophet of Hindu-Muslim unity in India. In his newspaper, he always criticized the way Gandhi used to compelled people, party and nation for forcing his will i.e. Mostly through fast. On 13th Jaunary 1948, Gandhi decided to go on fast unto death, if Government of India wouldn’t pay 65 Cr. Rupees to Pakistan Govt.

Before Jumping on this demand of Mahatama Gandhi, we need to look at the condition in which such demand comes to existence. During partition of India, there was loot, massacre, rape and killing in all over Pakistan of his minorities i.e. Hindu and Sikh community. On the other hand, Gandhi pro-Muslim and anti Hindu policy had started to shown in result in two major princely state- Hyderabad and Kashmir. As soon as, Pakistan army did insurgency in Jammu & Kashmir, the current Home minister of India i.e. Sardar vallabhbhai Patel has issued a press conference. He said

We were therefore fully justified in providing against aggressive actions in regard to Kashmir by postponing the implementation of agreement. The agreement does not bind the Government of India to fixed any date for payment. Pakistan would not be justified in any way in insisting on our paying the cash balance. I made it quite clear then that we wouldn’t agree to any payment until Kashmir affair was settled.

Sardar vallabhbhai Patel- Home Minister of India [Year-1948]