The Subversive wars of Left- Samundra Manthan

Samundra Manthan

“Samundra Manthan” is the metaphoric idea from Puranas [Hindu texts] which generally represent the “Churning of Ideas” in philosophical sense. As a Hindu, the understanding of this manthan for me is always churning of various ideas, logic, discussion from which result would be either – Poison or Nectar. Since the world developed the tremendous ways of interaction, the churning of idea, logic, believe has started. I would bluntly congratulate west scholars for first understanding this churning and leading many ways this war of culture and ideas. However, financial power in recent decades started to shift from West to east, and war of culture has new participant from Asia i.e. India and China.

In between of this transition of Power from west to east, we have seen result of cold war across the countries. Few result are physical such as Korean war, Vietnam war while others are ideological such as Communism, Liberalism and Capitalism. In Large view, the Old communism is dead as it’s failed to attract countries except china and cuba, while other side many intellectual believe that Old communism has re-incarnate itself into Socialism, neo-Orientalism etc. On the other hand, Old capitalism and liberalism has fused into various models such as cultural nationalism, free market-liberalism etc. In contrary, these fights which were mere war of ideology and dissent now turned up as ugly global ideological wars. The communism which supposed to hold rights of labor and oppressed people against tyrants, dictators & Land Lords now hounding the believe and social structure of same masses. In name of rationalization, neo-communism has denied the identity and history of most of the nation as glorious. Their sole motto is proven that all historical civilization was barbaric and primitive.

Samundra Manthan (Source: exotic India)

The dilemma amongst right wing

Many right wings, let it be from United state or India, thinks that Leftist could be defeated and marginalized. I bluntly reject the idea of defeating the Left (Left is not an intellectual term, ironically its only a sitting position which comes from the French Revolution of 1789, where left chose for liberty, equality and democracy). I think left and left ideology is part of this bigger manthan of ideas and better society while right ideology is equally important. My sole objection is to the perception that “The Old Left” is “Left of today’s world”. I think left is now more dangerous than “Old Right”, while Right has evolved itself in order to survive. The dilemma of Right wing is that left is fragile and uninterested in current world (as we have seen raise of trump, Modi which is brand of Right ideology). My assumption is that still we haven’t seen enough bloodshed spilled by Left dictators (i.e. Mao and Stalin). The underground, unidentified left still exist in urban areas of India, from Forest of Dantewada (Jharkhand) to cities there is strong structure who stand against the right wing and Indian state, a parallel India.

While we celebrate the win of Narendra Modi, we must not forget that, a network which woven around socialism under Indira rules by help of Cold War politics are not easy idea of riddance. The “LEFTECOSYSTEM” which comprise, Politician, Journalist, Public Intellectuals, Civil Society, NGO, Student unions, Labor Unions, Human right activist and Businessmen has strong link to violence ideology (Maoism, Communist Dictatorship) which believe in toppling Indian govt and their hate for Right wing ideology (or says, any other ideology) is gargantuan. This “Ecosystem” will never allowed to any other ideology to dominant the state at any cost. The problem with LEFT ideology extremist is that they are very good in being invisible, they might be your friend who talk about equality and rationality. The only problem with them that they don’t believe in dissent, any stance against their narrative treat as blasphemy. Their brain is so deep dived in the ideology and Utopia, that any argument against their hard-core line is considered as Right Wing, means regressive, anti-modern, anti-minority, anti-oppressed, anti-human

Within fifth days of NaMo NDA-2 winning announcement, we have seen three disturbing news of Communal violence in which after each thrashing, goons end up forcing people to say “Jai Shree Ram” cinematic ally. Although, I believed that fringe element is part of Hindu society like any other society but its purely undigested to me that how just after Modi win, these repeated nature of using “Shree Ram” name in hate thrashing is been used. Few stories are too bizarre to believe.

Eminent Pune doctor accosted by gang in New Delhi, asked his religion, forced to say ‘Jai Shri Ram

In another news, a Muslim being threshed for wearing skull cap, and also asked for chant “Jai Shree Ram” not even “Jai shiya ram” which is looked less RW slogan. Well, in article, Gurugram Police has said that there is no communal angle behind the incident and added that the CCTV footage shows a scuffle between two men near the sweets shop and not a group of individuals.

In above news, a doctor who were walking in morning 6 AM in YMCA colony, New Delhi been stopped by few people and asked for his religion (this is as per title but not part of news in same article) , and forced him to say “jai sree ram”. Let’s consider somehow some youth are roaming around in Super posh area of Delhi, YMCA colony. Now, how can an unknown citizen will come to you and asked your religion while acc. to doc, he was in morning walk (I am sure he wasn’t wearing any religious dress for Morning walk), and asked directly for “jai shree ram”, they may ask for money, mobile but for Jai shree ram. Ohooo, I dont think so right wing of India is such hard worker, if they than India might much more RW rule than central leftist congress.

This is third case within five days of Narendra Modi winning the election, where cinamtically every goons catch either Muslims and someone, and first thrashed than forced them to chant “Jai Shree Ram”. Mind it, they dont forced for Hanuman, Kali, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishana but Only from “Ram” while every Indian hindu know that “Rama Temple” is very rare in Urban and Rural area. But Question is why only “Ram”? Because Ram is sound more Right wing, Ram can be linked to Babri, Riots of 2002, BJP, RSS and any one who talk for Hindus.

In my opinion, Right wing thinks that the fight is over after delousing the caste line amongst Hindus. I believed that they failed to understand that Leftist propaganda has been infiltrated into various section of society and institution. From Universities to Cinema, Media to Industries, Art to business almost all the areas been affected by Socialism and turned out to be Anti-India, Anti-Hindu & Anti-development narrative.

On the other side, where they showcased the leftist ideal state-Kerala, has failed the truth behind this High Happy Index society. Foe facts, Kerala has few unique things:-

  • Kerala is only state where state owned Lottery system.
  • Kerala state run, chit fund system which is against any solid economic structure.
  • Kerala has religion based Banks, Syrian christian banks, Islamic Banks, Roman catholic Banks which is against their own state run bank ideology.
  • Kerala has 100+ recruit for ISIS and direct link for Sri Lankan eastern bombing.
  • Kerala has highest Gulf remittance which payed of heavy work union but not a single industries to sustain that development in case of remittance stopped.
  • Kerala almost bring everything from Tamil and Karnataka ironically even coconut itself.

to be continue……