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The stalks of water-flowers are proportionate to the depth of water; so is humans greatness proportionate to their minds (Knowledge). – Tirukural




Surender Negi

Role : Editor

Area of Blogging : History, Indology, Hinduism, Art & Culture, Book Review.

Surender Negi has been attached to this group from early days to this web blog site. Most of the blogs are contributed by him. He has studied Diploma in Electrical engineering and Amateure Indology and Histroy

His known for his contribution on british colonial history and book reviews.

You can follow him on Twitter: negi.electrical



Garima Bhatt

Role: Contributor

Area of blogging: History, Philoshopy, Hinduism.

Garima is one of the prime contributors of our blog site. She has studied Journalism at AJK Mass Communication Reasearch Center from Jamia Milia Islamia. Now purshuing Philosophy at Indra Ghandi National Open University. Currently, Garima is director at Shri Ram Vidyalaya (Ahamadabad) and She teach English and Humanities.

She has been Known for her deep insight into Indian philoshopy and History. Very fun loving writer with serious efforts on writing blogs for us. She join our clubs of masketeers on Oct 2017. 

You can follow her on twitter: garimabhatt02


Chitra Sharma

Role: Contributor

Area of blogging: History, Philoshopy, Hinduism, Politics

Chitra is super vibrant passionate writer. She has completed her studies from Jamila Milia Islamia, new |Delhi in Psycological Counselling and has been student of Mass Communication at Guru Gobind Singh University. Chitra, compeleted her Masters in Psycology and Sprituality from Rajasthan University.

She has been active in writting for our blog site recently. Welcome her to our group of fun-loving writers.


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